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What is the best detangling conditioner?

I have extremely thick hair, and it is only getting thicker.  Every morning, I wake up with huge chunks of matted hair that are painful to remove.  I can't find a conditioner that really does the trick of helping to detangle. Any suggestions?

Re: What is the best detangling conditioner?

go to sally's beauty and there's a product, Effective Care Treatment by Ion Care Solutions (or something of that nature) its 100%vegan and its AMAZING. I also use jojoba oil. AND the only shampoo that i've had work for me is Bassu Hydrating shampoo & conditioner. I have EXTREMELY thick and lock wavy hair so it gets tangled on the daily. also find a good leave in conditioner that works for your hair type (it's out there somewhere) joico k-pack is wonderful!!!!!

i hav well had the same prob. but what i did was buy this...

i hav well had the same prob. but what i did was buy this garnier fructis leav-in cond. treatment thingy and it worrked hope it helps


you can buy it at walmarrt if u want i can msg u then link


Garnier Hair care Fructis Triple Nutrition Detangling Double Care Treatment

I would try Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner...

I would try Ouidad Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner which is an extra-moisturizing treatment to detangle and nourish dry, thirsty hair.  It is a protein-enriched conditioner that seals in moisture and protects fragile, damaged hair.  An extra dose of moisturizers makes even the unruliest of hair easier to manage.  You can find it here:

Also, a trick I learned is to use a wide-toothed comb (or pick) and comb through your hair while you're in the shower with the conditioner on your hair.  It will make your hair even easier to comb out when you get ready to comb out your towel-dried hair.  If fact, you may want to try this trick with your current conditioner and you may not actually need a new conditioner after all.

Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

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