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What do I do with my hair?!

Hi guys! 

For starters, I don't really do much of anything to my hair. I'm not good at it, and I am lazy. I love doing my makeup but spending a lot of time on my hair is just so tedious in my mind. 

I have really, really oily hair (or, let's say oily scalp). I also have very oily skin, which is all due to genetics. Diet may play a role, but no matter what, I will always have to deal with more oil than most people. So because of that, I use a clarifying shampoo daily. This may sound like too much to a lot of you but I assure you that it is completely necessary to not look like a greaseball. I use random conditioners because I haven't found one I really like. I use that from just below my skull and down. If I do use it any higher, it only makes the situation worse.

In any case, my hair usually looks like crap. It gets like poofy,or when it's less humid, almost kind of stringy? It's just not soft and smooth. I have fairly straight hair but if I air dry (which I always do) and don't touch it too much I can keep decent waves. But I just want something to keep it smooth but not greasy. Just soft and not frizzy or poofy or like I've been standing in Florida heat all day.

Please help!

Re: What do I do with my hair?!

If you're hair is truly overproducing oil due to a medical reason you should talk to your dermatologist about shampoos that balance the oil better.

However, I truly believe it sounds like your stripping your scalp too much if all you're getting is either stringy or poofy. Try starting with a shampoo to balance the scalp like Bumble and Bumble Tonic Shampoo. For a conditioner you could try either Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil Conditioner or Alterna Caviar Conditioner (my personal favorite). Once out of the shower spray the Bumble and Bumble Tonic Lotion all over your scalp (will help balance and control oil production). On you're ends you could try the Alterna Caviar Omega Oil (my new sure to be lifelong love affair, focused mostly on the ends) or for a sleek smooth look try the Bumble and Bumble Hairdressers Invisible Oil from the base of your neck down. If you're hair is processed or you heat style you could try using both of those together and they will work wonderfully as a pair.

You might also want to consider styling your hair with some tension give a smoother look. Either setting dry hair on socks for heat free curls overnight or blow drying with a paddle brush will smooth the cuticle and reduce any poof.

Hope that helpsSmiley Happy

Re: What do I do with my hair?!

Using a clarifying shampoo daily might actually be exasperating the problem.  Your scalp produces more oil the more oil you strip from it.  If it's thin hair it tends to look oily a lot faster than thicker hair.  My suggestion would be to go two gross weeks of washing it with only hot water to slow oil production and then starting with a gentle clear shampoo.  only wash your hair every second day and use dry shampoo to soak up any oils between washings.  I hope this helpsSmiley Happy   

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