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I hate watching QVC, even if I just flicking through the channels I'll get caught up in it.  I've seen the Wen hair care a few times, has anyone tried it?  It sounds great, but pricey and may not work with my oily and dry hair.  I also hear the edit reviews and remove bad ones, yikes.  Thanks.

Re: Wen?

Well honestly I go on Yahoo Answers a lot and lots of people there complain about Wen causing hair fall or brittle hair. So that put ME off from using it. I wouldnt risk it, really. 

Re: Wen?

I use the cheap Salon Grafix knockoff in Sugar Melon Mint. I picked it up mainly because I liked the smell and it was on sale. Works fine for me though. I use it when I don't have time or don't feel like using shampoo and conditioner. 

Re: Wen?

i LOOOOVE Wen!! makes my hair feel and smell good. Smiley Happy

I use Wen and I LOVE it!  I have shoulder-length thick ha...

I use Wen and I LOVE it!  I have shoulder-length thick hair that's oily, wavy, and frizzy, but I got it chemically straightened/relaxed recently (and yes, I'm a white gal).  When I started using Wen, I noticed immediately that my hair was softer and shinier. I've been using it for a few months now. I used to have to get my hair cut at least every 6 weeks to get rid of my split ends, but I was lazy and would go longer than that and have to trim off inches to get the split ends off.  Well, I haven't had a haircut in months (at least 4 months) and there is not a split-end in sight!  And this is even after I got it relaxed, and I blow-dry it every time I wash it and sometimes use a straightener too.  It's amazing!


I really wish that Sephora carried it, though.  I don't mind getting it from QVC, but Sephora rewards their loyal customers so well through the Beauty Insider program that I wish I could bring all of my business to them.

hi, corinn99!   i'll be totally honest about this. i, too...

hi, corinn99!


i'll be totally honest about this. i, too, watched a few too many infomercials about wen and i eventually ordered it. i hate it! the amount of product needed was ridiculous, i'll bet i only had it for 3-4 washes. and since i don't like to blow dry, it dried in this horrible hanging shape. even my husband asked about my flat hair (and he doesn't notice anything beauty). so, i was thinking how great this would be since i didn't have to use conditioner (very misleading). anyway, i would never use that again and i wouldn't recommend it to anyone!


Hi! I've used WEN twice a few months apaert just to make...

Hi! I've used WEN twice a few months apaert just to make sure I wasn't overreacting.
I've used WEN's Almond Mint and Pomegranate formulas for a few weeks, six weeks apart. To be honest---I did not like it at all. Where to start?
First...too many pumps of product depending on hair length and thickness. Not only cav this be a waste of product because you need so much of it if your hair is long and/or thick, but it just seemed a waste to me. Especially at first when you have to "play" with the product to determine how much you hair really needs. A WASTE!
Second...I like lather. This product does not lather at all. Not even after you rinse slightly and work it through before rinsing. This product is just a tick mess. It's like filling your hair with creamy conditioner and rinsing -and yet -expecting a light airy clean.
Which leads me to the next complaint...It left my hair ALWAYS greasy. No matter how much or how little I applied. The only time I did not care was when I wanted to air dry my hair in the middle of summer and needed extra moisture to keep frizz away from my curls. Other than that - not worth the matted down mess.
Maybe it's just me but really, it's an expensive product to play around with and neverfeel like you have clean hair. I'm sure there are others who disagree but, I personally hated it!

Keep reminding yourself that every time you don't watch t...

Keep reminding yourself that every time you don't watch that channel, you will be closer to buying that house.  There is nothing like the joy of owning your own place. 

Keep your mind on the main goal!  You don't want QVC to be richer.  You want YOU to have a house.  Period! 

Be strong and good luck! 

Smiley Happy 

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