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Weird change in my hair! Help!

So something weird changed with my usually predictable hair over ... maybe the last 6 mos or so & Im totally lost at what to do! Hoping someone can relate or help??!!


My hair is super long, it always has been (worse now since the pandemic though - I'm thinking about chopping it off I'm so over it!) and it's never been oily before (my hair is 2a/b wavy). I have always needed conditioner & a leave-in conditioner to comb it out, etc. 


Lately though, I can't use just any shampoo - it has to be a clarifying one or else even after drying my hair it looks oily - like wet still even though it's dry! And it's not even on the worst top of my head where you'd expect! It's it's underneath near my scalp but in like the lower sections where it's the worst! So I usually end up having to jump back in the shower & use my clarifying shampoo. It always works too! I've used expensive clarifying shampoos to Suave and they all work but nothing else does! And I've not used conditioner in months either.


Does this seem bizarre to anyone else? Has anyone experienced anything like this? Could it be like hormones or something? I'm turning 40 in almost exactly a month? 


I'm at a loss as to why this changed and why only clarifying shampoos which used to dry my hair out a bit are now the only thing that makes my hair look normal! It's freaking me out a bit! 


Please advise if you can! Thank you! 

Re: Weird change in my hair! Help!

Hi there!

I'm not a doctor or a hair stylist but it sounds to me like you are over cleansing your scalp with harsh clarifying shampoos so your scalp is trying to compensate by producing more oils. This is what happened to my skin when my normally dry skin was turning oily - it was because I was using a cleanser that wasn't right for my skin type and I wasn't providing it with enough moisture! Seems counter intuitive, but it might be why! Try switching to a hydrating or balancing shampoo and conditioner and give it time (like a month) to reset itself. Avoid ones with sulfates. Also washing less (again, counter intuitive) will help. You may even consider trying out a boar brush to help distribute the oil through your hair. It'll take time to reset itself, but it's worth it. A slicked-back pony tail will help disguise oiliness.

Keep in mind, any stress in your life will also effect your hair as well. I've experienced more hair loss as a reaction to the pandemic. It's totally normal for your body to go through changes and age does play a factor.

I hope this helps. 🙂

Re: Weird change in my hair! Help!

That's an excellent point. I'm going to take that into account for my own hair as I haven't realized just what can happen from washing too often.

Re: Weird change in my hair! Help!

@missweston Yes! Thank you! It does sound counter intuitive but it actually makes total sense. Thanks for the very helpful & detailed response! 👍 I truly appreciate it!! 🥰

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