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Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair

Hi guys!

I've been trying to get a haircare routine down and would love some recs. My hair is medium/long and thick enough but not too thick. Oil level is normal. My hair gets curly on the underside and at the front, and the rest is fairly wavy throughout, but the top layers stay pretty straight. I figured there's probably not much that can be done if it's my natural texture, especially since I always air dry and hardly touch heat tools, but I'd love to find some products that might encourage a little more consistent wave/curl throughout and keep it soft. Clean brands are always a plus.

Thanks 🙂


Re: Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair


This is something we see often. There are a few reasons this happens but it’s a process of elimination to find the culprit. The top layer of your hair (or anyone’s hair) is always exposed to the elements first, it may not seem like a huge deal but if your hair is long/medium it’s likely taken 7 years to get that length; that’s 7 years of being exposed to sun, wind, cold weather etc. If I section off my hair and pull the top most layer up, the underneath of my hair is much, much, much more soft, shiny and healthy then the top. It’s a slight difference but it’s not often something we think about, our top layer insulates our under layers. This can cause your curl pattern to loosen. 

Another culprit is if you work in an office type setting and wear your hair down frequently, leaning back in your chair against your hair, again disrupting the top layer. 

Do you colour your hair at all? 

Do you have hard water? 

Re: Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair

Hi @GG84, thanks so much for responding!


I don't think I have hard water, and I don't color my hair at all. I'm usually standing or walking at work, though I am a student and spend a fair bit of time at a desk during class. I do put my hair up fairly often but nothing tight, I'm not sure if that could be a potential factor. 


The elemental thing makes sense, do you think cutting the top layers shorter might prompt a little more pattern, or do you think its kind of a done deal?

Re: Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair


Layers would definitely help! I would then suggest adding a UV protectant made for hair specifically and a moisturizing leave in to your regimen. 

Re: Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair

Great, thanks!!

Re: Wavy/Curly/Straight Hair

No prob! 

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