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WEN vs Devacurl

So I have recently been using Wen, but I have stopped as it needs too much of a time commitment and is much too pricey a regimen.  I find that it took twice as long to cleanse my hair and a lot of product to get any results.  Also, I had a lot of hair breakage in the shower, not clumps of hair falling out, just losing a lot more hair than with a sulfate-free shampoo.  I think the massaging action tangled my hair too much and my hair would break.   The last time I had a haircut my hairdresser asked me if I  had gone to someone else and had my hair thinned; their were a lot of short hairs near my scalp.  So, anyway, gonna try something else.  I have naturally wavy, fine color treated hair that I normally scrunch and wear curly because it's too hard and time consuming to straighten.  I'm wondering how the Devacurl No Poo regimen compares to Wen.  Or perhaps the LP No-Frizz line.  Thoughts? 

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

I use the Devacurl line.  I haven't used Wen, so I cannot compare it.  I use the No-poo, although the Low-poo could be a good option too.  I was surprised that the Devacurl no-poo actually did a great job of cleaning my hair without leaving a residue.  I just have to make sure to thoroughly massage it deep into my hair at the scalp.  I found for me the best way to achieve that is by turning my head upside down and working it at my roots that way, which prevents too much tangling.  I follow with the DevaCurl One Condition, which is effective without feeling heavy.  


I started by using the Trial/Travel pack and liked it so much that I bought the big set.  I don't wash my hair everyday, but the trial one lasted me quite a while too.

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

Thanks, michmo.  I think I might get the trial sizes of Devacurl and Living Proof to try both - what works for you may not work for me.  I will also try your cleansing tip of flipping my hair upside down.  That was the one thing I worried about with No-Poo, having the same breakage problem  I had with Wen from tangling.


Re: WEN vs Devacurl

I also use Deva, but I use their DevaCare No-Poo and One Condition, which are formulated for color-treated hair (I preferred the way this conditioner absobed into my hair, compared to the the original DevaCurl). The trick with cleansing conditioners like No-Poo or Wen is getting used to your hair not feeling squeaky clean. If you haven't been doing this already, make sure that you're also massaging your scalp as you rinse--that made a huge difference for me and could cut down on how long you feel like you need to massage the cleanser into your hair.  

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

I'm definately a Wen girl.  Devacurl just doesn't seem to get it done for me. But my hair is SUPER curly, like tight spirals, really thick and can be coarse if not taken care of properly. But unless your hair is like mine devacurl is really a good product. Living proof was good for controlling frizz but didn't really do anything to hydrate. 


When I don't use Wen I use Aussie Moisture Conditioner (I know I know bad silicone) but sometimes I forget to reorder the Wen and need to condition! 


Also I think Amazon sells a small bottle of one conditioner for around $15 or at least they used to if you wanted to try it before you commit to a large bottle. 

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

Lol, I totally admit to my occasional silicone styling product (hello, Climate Control Gel!).  I suspect I would do ok with WEN if it weren't for the amodimethicone--I have no problem with silicone stylers but don't do well with silicone in cleansers or conditioners.  

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

The only way I get away with the occasional silicone conditioner is because I don't use any style products at all anymore, which is why I am so in love with Wen. You use it as a leave in too. So I cleanse then after rinsing I use  a pump as leave in. But my hair is waist length and thick so I need that full pumps worth. 


But it's done wonders for my hair. I would call Wen the big gun, though.  Lol 


For hair in desperate need! 

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

I like the Devacurl shampoo and conditioner, but the styling product made my hair really crunchy.  I have much better luck with Ouidad, especially the styling products.  As far as frizz goes, I've yet to find anything to eliminate it!

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

My hair is fine, on the long side, on the dry side with a small amount of nautural wave/curl. I used to dye it myself, but just switched to salon coloring with subtle highlights. Wen used to be my go-to product and for me, it produced great results. Due to the price and the ingredient list I have been trying some other options, including DevaCurl. I have No-poo, One Condition, gel and cream. I LOVE the way these products smell, I think if I could find the right final step in my process (I let my hair air dry) it would be great. Just not the body and softness I had with Wen. I did try a sample of Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and conditioner, from the sample it seemed amazing - did exactly what it said. Still trying some options out but wanted to post the feedback in case it helped. Good luck! Smiley Happy

Re: WEN vs Devacurl

For a finishing product I use pantene's new whipped mousse for curly hair and I get soft bouncy (air DRY) curls/ waves without crunch. its less than 6 bucks too. Not a big fan of products like that but got a freebie of it and love it.

Re: WEN vs Devacurl



Well,I have a year using Wen,I didn't want to have too many products taking too much space in my bathroom. It's a good product it keeps my hair very soft,hydrated; but i have notice that my hair was falling out any time I comb it and massage it in the shower,but now it is falling by chunks,so I have decided to change to Devacurl,I will let you know  my results. If anyone has a similar experience,please share with me.

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