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Very Fine, Thinning, Dry, & Damaged Hair Care - Oily Scalp but Dry Frizzy Locks and Hair Loss?

I have had baby fine wavy/curly hair all my life, which is naturally prone to be more dry, but my hair has become extremely damaged and I need help ASAP!


After first notice of my damaged hair (it was dry, frizzy, and splitting) I started to use LUSH's Rehab shampoo and Retread Hair Conditioner. After a couple months of this I had to stop because it was causing so much hair loss! I was having clumps of my hair fall out in the shower, then more fallout when I combed it and if I ran my fingers through my hair during the day! It seriously scared me, I thought I would go bald! 


Now I am back to my old Paul Mitchel Original formula Awapuhi Shampoo & Leave in Conditioner, which has helped with the hair loss, but I still have very damaged hair. I also use It's A Ten miracle leave in spray everyday.


My scalp gets oily quickly, but my hair itself is very dry. I only shampoo my scalp and condition the locks. I wash my hair every other day, use dry shampoo when my scalp gets greasy and blow it out/straighten/curl/style on days I wash it.


I need something to repair my hair that also suits my fine hair. Something that will add volume & hydrate but not weigh it down.


What should I use?!!!!? (Shampoo, conditioner, leave in treatments, masks, etc. Advice on anything and everything!!)


THANK YOU! Smiley Happy

Re: Very Fine, Thinning, Dry, & Damaged Hair Care - Oily Scalp but Dry Frizzy Locks and Hair Lo

Your hair falling out is an indication that this could be more than a product issue - have you visited your doctor about this? There are a number of conditions that cause hair loss that vary in severity - anything from a vitamin deficiency to a thyroid condition. Especially if the hair loss is accompanied by dry skin, dry mouth, sleep issues (too much, too little,) vision problems, or memory issues. 

Now, all of that said, I also have fine, dry hair but mine is color-treated: 
I would find a sulfate-free shampoo - it seems to help with controlling scalp oil issues. Do you focus on washing your scalp and pretty much ignore washing the ends of your hair and then do the opposite with conditioner? As for styling, I skip a lot of products and mostly stick with sea salt spray (I buy mine from Gnarly Whale because I can get it unscented but have also used Evo Salty Dog hairspray with decent results other than the smell.) It lets me have volume without weight or a lot of damage to my hair. Instead of using heat tools, I let my hair dry overnight, flipped in the opposite direction from how I'll wear it so that it has more natural volume. 

I hope you find some solutions soon!

Re: Very Fine, Thinning, Dry, & Damaged Hair Care - Oily Scalp but Dry Frizzy Locks and Hair Lo

I have very fine hair and is dry and color treated. It gets really oily at the scalp, so I have to shampoo everyday. Mine also falls out. I am the same  way- when I run my fingers through it, I always get several hairs. And if I wear a black shirt, you can see my blonde hair that has fallen out.

Have you heard of Aveda's line "Invanti" (or something like that). I had a sample and after a couple of days, my hair felt like it had more volume and I noticed that less hair fell out in the shower. Not sure if it will work for you, but seemed to work for me!

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