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Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

My hair has gotten really bad, there are split ends from top to bottom. My senior year of high school my hair so perfect and long and shiny, now I'm a junior in college and it's dull, brittle, and dry. I think it's because of the products i am using, what should I use to help my hair look healthy and long again?

P.S. I started taking biotin, and using clear scalp products and neither is helping at all.

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

Have you tried Moroccan oil? It's made a *huge* differnce on my hair. My hair is color treated regularly and blowdried/straightened/curled daily. It defintely seems to be smoothing my hair out & reducing the number of split ends. A little goes a LOOOONG way however.... learned that the hardway.

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

My hair is to mid back, and I get it highlighted 2x a year- no foils, but biolage technique

Some tips I've learned over the years:

- get a trim. Since hair is dead, you can't technically mend it once it's split. Products can temporarily smooth the ends together, but overtime they cause buildup and weigh your hair down, which can cause more breakage. 

- How often do you wash your hair, I try to keep it 2-3x a week max! 

- Argan oil is wonderful as a detangler and moisturizer. 

- Be careful with products hight in protein. Although good for your hair, using too much for too long can dry your hair out, 1x a week is normally enough. 

- Drink lots of water, take biotin & omega supplements. 

- Turn down the heat even with a heat protectant, heat can still damage hair. Let your hair air dry & then straighten it on a low setting. 

- Never use a brush on wet hair, invest in a wide tooth comb. 

- Stay away from Panteen; it's full of wax that weighs hair down. (my colorist won't touch hair that panteen was used on without getting a clarifing treatment first)

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

I agree completely with all of the above! I'm well over-do for a trim. I just can't stand trimming my hair when I'm trying to grow it out though, but I know its for the better. 

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

LOL, I hear you! I just got 3 inches chopped off & I miss it, but I need it. My hair was getting too yucky. I probably could have gotten just 2, but I went with 3 to be safe. 

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

The clear scalp products are not going to help your split ends . You need to look at reconstructing products to help rebuild your hair's strength. Also you need a trim every 4 to 6 weeks no matter what. Hope this helps!

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

All of Lylysa's suggestions are aweomse!  I agree that getting a trim is going to be most effective at mending your split ends.  I'm a college student too and find that it's hard to schedule routine trims/take care of my hair properly.  But a trim is really going to help!


I've also found that argan oil is awesome at helping improve the quality of my hair!  I put it on damp hair after I shower, and my hair is silky smooth.


I also try not to blow dry my hair or use a flat iron as much as possible.  I know for time sake this is a little inconvenient, but what I like to do is shower at night, let my hair air dry for a little, then pull it all back into a braid while I sleep.  When I wake up in the morning, my hair is dry and I've got lovely waves!  Reducing the frequency of heated products like a blow dryer, flat iron, and curling iron has really helped my hair.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

Thank you so much! I use blow dryers and irons at least 5 days a week, but I always use a thermal protector, I also color my hair, but not very often. This really helped a lot, thank you so much for your time!!

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

No probs! If you color your hair, there is a mask from Phyto called Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask that's just used for the first two weeks after you color to lock in color to prevent fading or brassiness, but also help to deep condition hair. After those two weeks, store it away from the next time you color and use your regular conditioner. It contains colza oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, illipe butter, vitamin B5 (biotin, by the way is also a type of vitamin B), beta carotene, and grapefruit extract!

Re: Unhealthy hair and split ends!!

In terms of split ends and just damaged ends in general, your biggest salvation will lie in getting your hair trimmed.


I know, I know, a hair cut never sounds fun because it takes so long to grow out hair, but the fact of the matter is, there is no over the counter or fix that literally seals split ends or binds strands back together permanently. Leaving your hair untrimmed with dry and split ends only prolongs and promotes those issues to further continue, split ends will keep travelling and splitting upwards, dry ends will continue to suck out what moisture could be applied to healthy portions, they're honestly dead weight. Smiley Tongue


Though drug store brands like Tresemme and Pantene have treatments that target split ends, as do salon/higher end brands like AG, Pureology, and Carol's Daughter, they only provide temporary fixes. These products work in the sense that they either rely on bonding proteins or smoothing ingredients to have damaged areas "stick" together, giving them a smoother look as to not splay and stick out, or by providing charged ions to the hair where split portions become bonded together. Again, the effects and results of these products are temporary, but if used properly they can show results and at least allow your hair to look and feel smoother.


In addition to the split end treatments on the market, for dry, brittle hair, common ingreidents to look for would be proteins (silk, keratin, etc.), amino acids, and humectants (which bind healthy moisture to strands). Proteins and amino acids work in a similar sense by filling in and binding to gaps/damaged portions of strands, giving a more even texture and feel, also strengthening weaker areas. Humectants commonly seen are things like apricot oil, mango butter, macadamia oil, argan oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. These help to condition strands and give a smoother feel to hair plus impart shine.


Look into products like Frederik Fekkai's Shea Butter Deep Conditioner, It's a 10 Deep Conditioning Mask, Joico K-Pak Deep Reconstructor, Redken's Real Control Deep Conditioning Mask, Josie Maran's Argan Oil, and Carol's Daughter's Monoi line.


By chance do you color treat your hair or do any chemical processing? Do you use a thermal protector when you heat style your hair? How often do you use heat based styling tools like blow dryers, curling wands/irons, hot rollers, or flat irons?


That and even factors like diet can play a huge role.


Though biotin can help strengthen hair, nails, and skin, the substance is naturally recycled in our bodies from what foods we consume like eggs (egg yolk in particular), leafy greens, and peanuts. Supplements can help boost the levels of biotin in our bodies, but it will serve toward helping hair that is newly growing/producting. It doesn't work by repairing hair that is already beyond repair.

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