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Top Flat Irons

My friend has thick, wavy, coarse hair. Her sister stole her Chi straightener to take to college and she was asking me if I knew of any better straighteners to cut down on the time it takes her to straighten her hair.


Features she likes:

-heat control

-gentle-ness on hair (not too much damage, but she does use heat protectant)

-lower than $150 in price


She also likes to curl her hair with it.


I'm kinda out of my league here, so thanks in advance! Smiley Happy

Re: Top Flat Irons

I love my GHD hair straightener.  I've never tried the chi.  I went straight from a baby bliss to the GHD and noticed a fifteen minute time savings in my straightening routine.  

Re: Top Flat Irons

I love my T3. Really love it.

I also have a Chi (that I bought when I forgot the T3 at my mom's) and I love the T3 much more!

Re: Top Flat Irons

I have the Solia flat iron. Ive had it for 4 years now and its amazing. It makes my hair super soft and shinny. If I didn't have it I would probably go nuts!

Re: Top Flat Irons

I have GHD and Sedu (I think it is Sedu. I leave one at my parents' house so I can't check but I'm pretty sure) 


GHD gets the job done faster. my hair is straighter with less effort and time. 

but it has no temperature control and can get really really hot. 


Sedu takes a bit more time, but still gets the job done fast. it has temperature control which is nice. 

I find that it takes longer to heat up and the temperature in general is less "hot" even on higher setting 


I don't use a heat protector because I find that it makes my hair sticky, but I haven't seen any damage done to my hair from both. I think its worth spending $100+ on these irons for that reason.. 


Folica. com often has deals. and most of the brands they carry are higher end, so whichever she decides to get its not going to be terrible 

Re: Top Flat Irons

I need to agree with BioIonic. This brand has some of the best hair styling tools. 

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