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To short of hair!

i got my hair cut recently and it ended up being to short (around the collar bone). i have a round face and am young.I am worried that when i wear it down i look like a child.. i have a dressy event in a couple of daysevent. Any tips for how to style it?

Re: To short of hair!

I just cut my hair to a little longer than shoulder length. I think that doing half up half down with a clip looks awesome especially with curls or waves.

Re: To short of hair!

Um, my hair is collar bone length and it never looks childish.

Granted I'm not young either. Smiley Tongue

Try a sleek side part.

If you're really self conscious about the event, you could go to the salon for an updo. Those still work for collar bone length hair, I promise. Smiley Wink

Oh yes, and stay away from cutesy hair accessories with bows on them or anything else that screams "little girl" if that's what you want to avoid.


Re: To short of hair!

I have my hair cut like this and although I love it I am growing it out, for me I think no matter what cut you get or whether your keeping it or growing it out you should totally rock it! I love my hair the way it is and will keep it like this for a while but ive never had long hair so id like to try that too. embrace your look and don't feel embarrassed about it Smiley Happyswfupload_8391660722618883230.jpg

Re: To short of hair!

I love this look. It's just slightly more edgy and less "mom" than what I usually do. Smiley Happy Anyone have tips on how to achieve it? Products, etc? I think this will work with my current cut. I have fairly thick, coarse, wavy hair which I blow-dry straight.


(Also, where'd the photo come from, Londonlover101? thanks!)

Re: To short of hair!

The model's cut appears to have layers starting even as short as around the crown/top of her head, leading to layers by her forehead, eyes, cheekbones, and tapering to the chin.


Though there are a variety of ways to go about achieving this look. Try using a texturizing cream such as Living Proof's Amp Instant Texture Volumizer or Bumble & Bumble's Texture Hair Undressing Cream. Creams will provide a light, softer finish so hair isn't crunchy or hard looking but be pliable and easy to work with.


Work with the cream by applying product to fingers and emulsifying it between fingers/hands, then working the palms and fingers at the ends and middle of hair, avoiding the roots directly as you don't want to oversaturate the area with product. This will give the ends and layers more separation and allow them to be more visible in comparison to one another. Skim some product along bangs and even twist and pull pieces towards the ends/bottom of layers so they stand out more and have a more piecey finish.


Complete with a light weight hair spray to set, but still lock in texture and even some volume at the roots/crown. Try Oscar Blandi's Texture & Volume Spray or Bumble & Bumble's Thickening Dryspun Finish.


If you want to bring in the use of heat tools, prep hair with a thermal protector first, then amp up roots hear the crown with either of the sprays above or a root lifter like Living Proof's Full Root Lifting Spray. Work with fine tooth teasing comb/rat tail comb tease the top of hair a bit, adding some lift and breaking apart hair so it doesn't look as static.


Take some salt spray like Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray and mist ends of hair, scrunching as you spray to help emphasize the layers and create texture. Wrap up with using a touch of styling paste like SumoTech (also from B&B) just as the ends, twisting sections to give them a more sharp, defined look.


This variation provides a bit more structure and a "harder" look compared to the first run through.


Play with product and technique to find what works best for you!

Re: To short of hair!

Thanks for the detailed explanation!


One follow-up question. I have been afraid of sea salt sprays because I put a lot of effort into de-frizzing my hair when I dry it. Will a sea salt spray bring back the frizz, or am I unnecessarily worried?

Re: To short of hair!

It would honestly depend on your hair style and how it takes to the spray. Loreal's Ever Pure line makes a salt spray that is alcohol free so it's not as drying (so this will help with minimizing frizz), but start with a fine amount of salt spray and don't go too crazy while scrunching, don't ruffle hair in the process, just light, upward scrunches so hair isn't splayed in too many directions.


Living Proof does have a styling spray that helps to combat against humidity and frizz without the use of heavy silicones and waxes (relies on polfluroesters instead, it's a wonderful line):


You can always use that to substitute a salt spray. It won't give the exact same look, but if you're patient and work with the styling portion you can yield similar results.


Or you can finish off the salt spray with an anti-frizz hair spray like one with flexible hold, also from LP:


Re: To short of hair!

Depending on how the cut is (layered, longer bangs, etc.) check out reference photos of Ginnifer Goodwin who has a rounder face and rocks shorter hair!



Soft waves, use a curling iron/wand and wrap different sized sections around the barrel and let them fall and soften



Soft wisps are defined to emphasize layers and ends and can be done so with a touch of spray wax or pomade between fingers and applied to areas sparingly.


Christina Ricci is another great star to look for hair inspiration:


Though you might not have bangs, a sleek look using a flat iron to ensure your tresses are smooth and frizz free is modern and simplistic. Top off with a couple drops of shine serum for a glossy effect!



This is a more structured version of Ginnfer's first style in the pictures above. The curls are tighter wound and not as loose, there is more precision in this look. Hold the iron/wand vertically while curling and spray soon after to preserve shape.

Re: To short of hair!

how about buying a fancy bead studded headband and go Gatsby style??I did it at a wedding in may and everone loved it!i had a plain lbd with an uneven hem with fringe on it..i wore stockings with the seams up the shoes were open kitten heel slides with b ows on the front..a black clutch and I finished it off with some pearls knotted halfway down(hubbys  anniversary gift last year) was awesome if I do say so myself!!

Re: To short of hair!

is there any way i could wear it down

Re: To short of hair!

Sure you can wear it down. Section off your crown for a moment and loosely curl/wave the bottom length of your hair. Take a section from the front of your face and pull it back and pin in back of your head and bring down the crown of your hair that you had sectioned off earlier to cover bobby pins holding hair in place.

Re: To short of hair!

i like this idea ^^^^^^^

Re: To short of hair!

Tease the crown of your hair for volume and try lace braiding or twisting your fringe on both sides (or one side) until behind your ears; then pin it in place with two bobby pins (doing the X to not slip and come undone). Gather the rest of your hair and tie it with an elastic band. Now gently tease your ponytail and gather small sections and randomly twist and pin where it look best to you. Adjust accordingly. Smiley Happy

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