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Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

I haven't cut my hair for 2 years, and no it's not crazy long, in fact I believe it's stopped growing as a result of the damaged ends. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders, curly, frizzy, and thin... how did I get so lucky?! 


Anyways, I think I have some sort of phobia when it comes to hair cuts. Everytime I come out of the salon I end up bawling my eyes out for days... The hair dresser insists on knowing what to do to make my hair look full, layers here and there, adding low lights, blah blah blah, and I've always hated it. 


As far as hair products go, I use Phyto's shampoo and conditioner for thin hair, and I pretty much use the entire Kendi Oil line by Alterna along with some of their Bamboo smooth products,. I also curl my hair with the Amika 4P curling iron from sephora, which creates more damage to my damaged hair.


I think I'm ready for a trim... or a cut... but how should I do it? Layers? No layers? Is an inch too little? Should I do any treatments?


You're help is sincerely appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

Hi! So, did you end up getting the haircut?

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

I always have the hair dresser show me how much she is going to cut. Also I would not just say, "cut off my dead ends" she might take to much off, if she says you need 2 inches off and you only feel comfortable with 1 just tell her. 

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

i have that phobia too, everytime i tell them half an inch i feel like they cut off 2 inches, and always thin it out when i want them thick, i never want too many layers and they take it upon themselves to cut whatever they want, thankfully i found my hair lady that i trust and she actually listens. 


either way i really REALLY really suggest cutting whatevers dead off, the longer you wait the more damaged it will become, if you cut off an inch or two now its better then chopping it all off later because of damage, and don't do color if your worried about damage, i would get like a deep conditioning treatment and maybe some long layers just to shape your face. my salon (at ulta does a treatment between dye jobs called a demi-permanent glaze, which is light color and a deep conditioning oil treatment which makes it super healthy, i recommend it highly 


also, living proof makes amazing products, i hated my damaged hair for a long time, i stopped color treating so much i color treat a couple times a year when my roots grow out and do a glaze every couple months, i deep condition weekly (with the living proof restore mask) and i use the living proof shampoo and conditioner every two days when i wash my hair (also not washing so much has made it more healthy)


i also found out that instead of me going to sleep with my hair wet or letting it air dry i'll use a blowdryer on the cold setting and it will dry so shiny and healthy. 



i havent heard that amikas are bad, i've heard there actually much better then chi or t9, because they close the cuticle instead of open it (according to my hair dresser this makes it so its not frying your hair) but if you do need to style with heat use some sort of heat protectant, i've heard great things about the one by tresemme


good luck Smiley Happy  

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

I need to find a hair dresser I trust! That entire situation you described always happens to me! They do whatever they want to my hair, but not what I want!


I think I will suggest long layers! and getting rid of the dead ends, they look horrific and will help grow my hair out. I'll look into the treatments, but the deep conditioning sounds very beneficial. I think I need to invest in a hair mask to condition deeply with once a week or so and I also do use the Alterna bamboo smooth anti-breakage thermal protectant spray which I love when I use heat products, but my hair would look a lot better without the dead ends. Thanks for the tips and hair advice!

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

Totally agree about getting a consultation. But be prepared to get those damaged ends cut off. That's what you want if you want your hair to grow and be healthy. So I can't say how much will need to be cut off, but you do not want to keep the damaged end. You can tell what's damaged on your own. Those ends will be brittle and kind of frizzy.

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

Awwww! This is going to be a quite the drastic cut.. theirs definitely a ton of inches that need to be cut off. Anyways, I may do an inch at a time so that it's not too overwhelming, but I totally agree with needing to get rid of them for healthy growing hair. Thanks for the advice!

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

You are welcome. Don't take too long to get rid of the split ends. Your hair grows quickly when it's healthy.

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

For starters, be firm with what you want. If you tell a stylist "I trust you/do whatever/my hair is totally in your hands" you're giving them free reign and that might backlash, especially if you don't trust your hair dresser with that much responsibility.


Be as precise and as specific as possible, bring references from the internet, magazines, books, or any photos you can find. What may be "long layers with some face framing low lights" to you can mean an entirely different thing to a hair dresser so don't get hung up in using the terminology. It's much better to provide visuals so both parties involved (you and the hair dresser) can get a good understanding over what is to be done.


Consider things like the time you spend on styling, the texture and weight of your hair, and your face shape. If you don't want to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror or don't want to make constant trips to the stylist, avoid cuts that will call for more work or cuts that require frequent trims/upkeep. If your hair is naturally curly, and thin, try to avoid heavy razoring which can further thin out hair and even possibly damage ends and eventually disrupting curl (razoring can be a technique that not all stylists specialize in, be sure to check in on expertise of your hair dresser over certain techniques). If your face is round, avoid too many layers that begin too high or are too plentiful, this can end up causing too much volume at the top of your head or around your face and thus making the area too full or even heavier looking.


Try to find celebrities and images of folks who share your hair and facial shape characteristics. Book a consultation before any cutting to discuss ideas and elements of different images to incorporate into a style to best suit you.

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

i totally agree with lylysa, bring in photos it'll be easier for them to work with. 




Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

I love the consulation idea, I should definitely do that before I let them charge at my hair. I'll avoid the razoring for sure and find images of hair styles according to my facial shape. Thanks for the advice and the dos and don'ts, it seriously helps me out a lot!

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

It's ok to decline the stylists suggestions and start small. I think that any good stylist will understand your apprehension if you explain that you've had bad results before.  Maybe go in for a trim and clean up the ends a bit. If you leave happy, ( and hopefully not in tears ) come back in a few weeks for a little more. 

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

Most definitely! I'm the type of person that does not like to make a fuss of things, so when I feel that I don't like the outcome of their suggestion I pretend like its okay until I get home. Starting small is what I'll do, nothing too drastic to begin with. Thanks for the advice!

Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

IMO, I would ask to get all of the dead ends cut off (whether it be 1 inch or 4 inches) so your hair will be healthy afterwards and will have more volume and less frizz. Also, make sure you sit down and consult with your stylist before he/she shampoos you. This way you can be very clear with what you want. You may even consider bringing in a picture of the cut you want to try to prevent the tears! It's up to you what type of style/treatments you want. I'd say keep it simple to avoid disappointment. Cutting off the dead ends is the most important and will make a world of difference. You can always go back later for a treatment. 


Re: Time to get a haircut? Or trim?...

I agree, the dead ends have got to go! I'll have the consultation with my stylist and bring in realistic pictures for options of what I can do with my hair. Thanks for the advice! 

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