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Thinking about coloring my hair auburn...

I'm thinking of dying my hair auburn. Maybe not really auburn just like a dark brown with a hint of red be ause I don't want anything too red. I have very fair skin and green eyes. Right now my hair is a medium brown with lighter brown highlights. Would this hair color look good on me? Will I have to change my makeup? Like amp it up a little? I normally just wear mascara on my eyes.


Re: Thinking about coloring my hair auburn...

I'm a natural redhead, so I'm a few shades lighter than what you have in mind -- think Jessica Chastain -- but I second the vote for corals and berries with reddish hair.  Berry shades are my makeup workhorses, but when I want to change it up I can always rely on something coral to look nice.  The fun thing about hair on the red/auburn spectrum is that it naturally adds a punch of color to your look, so with makeup you can opt for a dramatic look to play it up or go more low-key and let your hair color do most of the work for you.

Re: Thinking about coloring my hair auburn...

Gorgeous idea!  You might find that you'll look better in a bit more lip color than just a nude.  I have similar hair and skin, and the best shades are berries and corals.  A pop of color is good for contrast since your eyes and skin are more muted but that makes sure you don't look washed out.  I find I look that way if I wear too nude or light of pink of shade.  Hot pink?  Not really, although I'm rocking YSL's "Pink in Devotion" for the summer.  Wheeeee!

Re: Thinking about coloring my hair auburn...

i wish i could see your pic, but the color you describe sounds very pretty.

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