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Thin and frizzy hair?

Hi everyone!

I have been working hard on my hair lately.  It is medium length after recently cutting off 6 inches with the hopes that it will appear thicker.

My hair has gotten thinner within the last year or so and I'm not sure why - I've done blood tests and all and nothing comes up with my hormones so I'm not exactly sure what happened.  I feel like my hair is so thin when I touch my scalp, especially at the back where my hair grows from!  If I put it in a ponytail the circumference is noticeably smaller than it used to be, and my strands feel weak.  

I'm wondering if there is something that can thicken my strands - vitamins or products.  Also, my roots are very shiny, but my mid lengths to ends are ALWAYS frizzy! Especially when I air dry my hair. I want to add shine to my hair so badly (it's mostly brown with some blonde highlights) and I can't figure out how.


So.. bottom line.. is there anything that can thicken my hair and make it shiny?  I don't really do anything damaging to it and I'm not sure why it looks so unhealthy and brittle.  Pleaseeeee help!!!!!

RE: Thin and frizzy hair?

Hair loss can be caused from many factors, diet, stress, chemicals, genetics etc. From what you are mentioning, Your hair would definitely benefit from using our formulas. You probably see us share our thoughts a lot, and this is because we are so passionate about hair here at Iles Formula.  We were created out of need.  Our founder Wendy Iles, is a celebrity hair stylist.  She has worked with many big names, Chrissy Teigan, Rita Ora, Heidi Klum, to name a few.  She found that working on set, she needed to be able to transform even the most traumatized hair into beautiful healthy hair on set in literally an instant.   So the journey began.  She has created a brand that literally provides INSTANT repair for all hair types.     Our line includes Shampoo, Conditioner, Finishing Serum and a Hair Mask that will change your life.  We're just saying.   Our finishing Serum helps to eliminate frizz so this would be a good one for you for styling. Our 3 piece system would be the best option for you. I will leave a link below.   Check out some of our reviews, or let us know if you have any specific hair questions that we can answer for you.
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