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The Time is Near!

I have never, ever colored my hair.  The closest I came was in high school when I spritzed a little lemon juice in it like all the other girls were.  I have caramel colored hair with copper highlights in it--all natural--and I just have always loved my color so that it's never been on my mind to change it.  Almost every day, I get compliments on my color.


The problem?  I've noticed a few bright white strands starting to come through, and I know I'm getting closer to the day I've got to cover that stuff up.  I go to a reputable salon that uses Aveda color, so I'm less terrified than doing it on my own.  But, I'm dreading the day I have to say goodbye to my younger, natural hair and move on to admitting that time is passing by.


Out of all the coloring you've had done, no matter the color or at home or at a salon, what would be your #1 tip for me?  

Re: The Time is Near!

Using good color preservation products is key in my opinion if you take the plunge and venture to the coloring world.


Redken's Color Extend line is excellent, and so is Alterna's Color UV line (which is great as it also protects against UV/environmental damage that can fade color). I'm also a huge fan of Phyto's Phyto Citrus Color Protect Mask, it's only used about the first two weeks after coloring to really lock in and keep color vibrant. After that, switch back to your regular color preserving conditioner.


Re: The Time is Near!

Totally agree, lylysa. I use Kenra Color Maintenance shampoo/conditioner found at Ulta.  It has worked well for me. I've not tried Redken's or Alterna.  I may have to check them out. I have got to try Phyto's Color Protect Mask.  I love the way my hair feels and its condition after coloring.  Maybe this will extend that.

Re: The Time is Near!

Awesome suggestion!

Re: The Time is Near!

I have medium golden copper blonde hair or that is name of the hair color swatch at the salon.  My hair color has always been my crown and glory.  I finally had to give in to the fact that redheads do not gray gracefully.  It was very scary!  I still wanted my natural hair color.  I worked with my hair stylist until we found a color swatch that was closest to mine.  Most salons only carry only one or two brands of color and try to mix from within those colors to create variations, but she was willing to investigate other brands to get the best color match.  It took some time, going from between level 6 and level 7, adding more red, less brown, more blonde and so on to get a color that we were pleased with.  I get compliments on my hair all the time and people ask if it is my natural hair color.  I say, "It's as natural as a bottle can get!"


Since you are only covering roots for now, I would suggest using a temporary color while you're experimenting.  Your hair sounds absolutely lovely and I hope you find someone who is willing to work with you to get results that you are pleased with.  25815_101055336596759_1048138_n.jpg

Re: The Time is Near!

Wow, you're so sweet!  Am really nervous and sad it's come to this, but at least having advice will help.  

Re: The Time is Near!

I have colored at home mostly. Mainly because I have red hair which fades really fast and I simply can't run to the salon every 2 months. At 100 a pop its just not in my budget.  But if you do it home (which I wouldn't if I could afford not to) get a really good hair mask for after. I love Aussie deeeeep conditioner. Wen has a good one and so does Carols daughter. 

Re: The Time is Near!

I do strategically placed highlights to cover/ blend in my gray hair- that way the bleach / dye doesn't touch my scalp/skin but it covers gray 

Re: The Time is Near!

Do you do this at home or at a salon?

Re: The Time is Near!

I do mine at home ( I literally seek out patches of gray and weave highlights in those areas. If your not into doing it yourself, I'm sure a colorist could do something similar for you. Also, I like that I get to keep a lot of my natural color.

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