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Tell me what you know about platinum blonde hair!

I've had my hair every color under the sun, bleached it to death, etc. But the only color I have not had is platinum blonde.

So far, I've been to two different salons. One told me that it's going to take six salon visits (and at $110 a visit, I'm not doing that!). One told me that they don't know if they can do it, but they could "try". That comment scared me, so I won't be visiting them again. So right now, I'm on the look out for a salon and a capable, experienced colorist who can take me to platinum!

I have light brown hair, and it's THICK THICK THICK. And wavy. It's impossible for me to dry and leave it alone, as it has a mind of it's own, so it gets flat ironed nearly every day. I don't blow dry my hair. I try to condition it extra well so that it's not fried or damaged.

I've never had platinum and I want it SO badly. I know it requires maintenance but I'm prepared to do it.

So my question is, what do YOU know about platinum blonde hair? If my hair is bleached to that level, can I still flat iron it without damaging it too much? How should I change my hair care routine? Will my hair still grow out even though my hair is bleached to that extent?

Thanks so much 😃

Please heed keelybt advice.....    I have "natural plati...

Please heed keelybt advice..... 


I have "natural platinum blond hair"... which is very porous...adsorbs most all environmental by-products and styling agents...the end result is "yellow" ;hair...  On top of that you have "baby fine" strands that have "no" volume and most of the time is very straight....I tried one time to dye my hair auburn red.... I got "FL GATOR ORANGE"  twice I tried to correct and once a salon worked their best magic.... but still 6 weeks later... I had "very blond" roots shining thru.... at which point I decided it really wasn't worth the effort and damage to my hair.... I have never dyed it since.... well not totally.... I have done some very minor low lights.... which worked.. to give texture and volume.... DO NOT GO THAT FAR TO TOTALLY STRIP YOU HAIR...


Hi Nixi.  Getting your hair platinum is very damaging bec...

Hi Nixi.  Getting your hair platinum is very damaging because you have to strip out all the color and more often than not you do have to bleach it a few times to get that shade. I would recommend abstaining from heat-styling, if you can, for a while after bleaching.  If your hair tends to be unruly, I would recommend using a product like Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil.  It is a treatment smoothing oil that is great for thick hair.  In addition to smoothing out your hair, it will strengthen and hydrate which is essential for damaged hair.  As to whether you should start using completely new products, it depends on what you are currently using and the condition of your hair after bleaching.

Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil

My Mom had platinum blonde hair at one time and I remembe...

My Mom had platinum blonde hair at one time and I remember that it got pretty straw-like even though she tried to keep it conditioned and didn't straighten it. She eventually went back to ash blonde as the every 4 week root touch up and dry/brittleness was driving her crazy. It did break a lot and she had to get it cut shorter after she had platinum color for awhile to cut off the worst of the damage. She considered it a bad idea. 


I'd say the colorist who told you that it would involve multiple visits to lighten your hair safely to platinum was probably giving you good advice. If you lighten too quickly they have to use a lot of peroxide and you will definitely have damage. You could keep hunting around for a good colorist and salon, but I would urge you to not take the lowest price as in this case, I think you might be inviting trouble. (I live by "you get what you pay for" in the case of things like this).  


Your hair will still grow at the same rate even though it is platinum color, but if you are getting a lot of breakage, it will seem like it isn't growing. Unless you have a health issue or are eating improperly, hair pretty much grows at the same rate.

Good luck!

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