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Tea Tree Oil shampoo and colored hair

I'm wondering if tea tree oil shampoos are safe for colored hair. I get acne in my scalp and have read that shampoo with tea tree oil will help this. Thing is I also color my hair and wonder if the tea tree oil will cause my color to fade quicker.

Hello there shyvicki,    Depending on the brand and manuf...

Hello there shyvicki, 


Depending on the brand and manufacturer of the Tea Tree Oil, it should be safe for color treated hair. If you purchase a tea tree oil for the scalp (as it is definitely a great treatment for irritated or dry scalps) make sure that it is a more natural based oil that does not contain sulfates or alcohols which can dry and fade hair color. Most natural and organic based tea tree oils should be perfectly fine for use on the scalp and should not interfere with hair color. That being said, PLEASE don't use the tea tree oil if you notice any separation or change in your hair color! I hope this can help you. Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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