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a thread to talk about your hair goals / experiments / fails / wins / products etc. consider this a RANDOM THOUGHTS: HAIR thread Smiley Happy


when i joined BT years ago, i was at the beginning phases of growing out a shaved head, after a decade of cropped pixie cuts and avant garde styles as well as defying my natural texture. my hair is past my shoulders now, and am fully immersed in this world of hair care and styling that i had been absent from for so long. 


this thread can be about anything. thoughts, questions, anecdotes that you feel like sharing but for whatever reason don't want to start an independent thread about. cheers !


I'm excited to hear how you end up liking the Reverie oil.


I used to really love hair oils, in particular one by Ojon called rare oil blend or something to that effect.  I got lazy and stopped using them when I ran out, and I haven't seen it in stores in years so I'm not sure if it was discontinued.


I tried a different one by Show Beauty that was nice, but more than I wanted to spend on a hair oil so I never ended up repurchasing.  


P I used to use that one too! Was it the tri colored oil? I haven't seen it in a very long time but I remember loving it.


Yup! It was 3 colors and you had to shake it to combine them together Smiley Very Happy


Most fun hair oil ever, LOL.


I used to love shaking it, but I remember that stuff would get all over the bottle because of the way the opening was lol


I got into work early today and while I had the bathroom to myself I took another hair pic because I wasn't even quite sure where my length was at since my last progress pic in November. I guess it hasn't grown as much as I thought. I may be nearing my set-point. Also, my hair grows in a V-shape. Always has. I can never maintain straight-across styles for any length of time.




My hairdresser told me that the reason my hair was growing in a V shape is due to breakage of the sides from putting it in ponytails and buns so often. Apparently the pulling of those areas causes more weakness than in the back where the hair is just being dragged up. I'm growing out my hair again now after a big chop so it will be interesting to see how that goes without me doing ponytails and buns with elastic bands.


@starsandbucks looks very long to me !!


last time i tried to grow my hair out properly long--well over a decade ago--i remember feeling like i hit a point where it wouldn't grow anymore. but that wasn't even very long ! since i'm growing it out again i'm anxious to see if that happens again...........


Guys, question!


So I really only brush my hair after washing it and putting in some leave in conditioner. Any particular types of brushes you can recommend?


I'm also looking for a good round brush on the rare occasions that I do blow out my hair.


Hi malday,


Since you said you're typically just brushing after washing, have you tried a brush that's made for use on wet hair? I have a friend with gorgeous long hair that reminds me of yours, and she swears by the Tangle Teezer brushes. Also, this one is specifically for brushing wet hair, so it should be just what you need!


Thank you Stephanie! I'll try it out.




I've never had much rhyme or reason to how I chose my shampoo and conditioner because they all seemed pretty much the same to me, but I picked this stuff up the other day and good grief, what a HUGE, immediate difference it made after the first use! My hair is so much softer and less frizzy than it ever has been before. Two thumbs way up.


I essentially choose my shampoos and conditioner by trial and error haha. Thank goodness for free samples Smiley Tongue


Thanks for making this thread @jemly! Smiley Happy 

I will eventually get around to making a proper hair story post, but for now I just have a question.


My hair is fairly long, extremely straight, and very silky. It has no volume whatsoever, and couldn't hold a curl if my life depended on it. I used to play around with a lot of products (mousse, hairspray, etc.) but nothing added body/volume to my hair so I gave up trying. I spent a long time growing it out to be healthy, and thus didn't do much of anything to it, but now that I've got it nice and long I'm feeling frustrated with how flat it is.


Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get volume that actually lasts? I've had the best luck with Bumble and Bumble's Pret-a-Powder, but it still falls flat after a little while. -__-


@Asche Have you by chance tried the Alterna Volume Mist?  My hair is a lot like you described right after I do a keratin treatment and the Alterna spray helps give me some volume and it's the only product that will help my hair hold curls right after keratin.  I spray it all over my damp hair, brush it through, and then either blow dry upside down or with a round brush lifting the hair to get volume at the root.


@kso1225 I haven't tried that, but it had been on my radar. The reviews seemed to be really mixed (from people claiming to have thin/fine hair like mine) so I never actually took the plunge. I'd like to get my hands on a sample of it!


OH! This question would be suitable for here.


Does anyone have a favourite sea salt spray they can recommend?


I've been using Parlor Sea Salt Spray and I really like it for days when I curl my hair. It keeps my curls bouncy and not crunchy, and I swear my hair looks shinier. Unfortunately, Parlor is apparently a Birchbox exclusive and Birchbox no longer ships to Canada Smiley Sad


The one con about this product is if I spray a little too much in one area, that area tends to have a powdery residue feeling. For this reason, I'm open to trying a new product rather than requesting help getting the Parlor spray.


@k617  i found a parlour salt spray when i was going through some stuff! PM me your address and i'll send it to you! Smiley Happy


Thank you for offering @unfungirl! I've been using the Mai Tai and it works, I like it better than the Parlour because it doesn't leave a powdery residue. Thanks for thinking of me! 


@k617 You're welcome! I'm glad you found a suitable alternative! I really like the mai tai as well Smiley Happy


Sharing my full(er) story here:



I've always had really thick hair that's pretty coarse. When I was a kid, the hairstylist that my mom took me to would always joke that my hair probably amount to more than the amount that she would cut off from 3 of her clients.


The crappy thing was, I had so much of it that I had to keep it short.My hair was so coarse it actually irritated my neck and gave me severe back-of-neck eczema Smiley Sad But I had to grow it out a bit longer so it would cover my neck. At that awkward length, it scratched on my neck some more. It was a never-ending cycle.


Thankfully as I got older (mid to late teens) my hair became less unruly, and easier to take care of. I grew it out and it went past my shoulders. The eczema finally went away. My hair remained thick but still coarse...and probably a little dry because I was experimenting with hair dye (and a couple of bad home-highlight jobs ha!) 

Throughout the following period, leading up till now, I've always been very boring with my hair. I rarely did anything to it on a daily basis besides wash and blow dry. Because of the climate I live in (low humidity, semi-arid) my hair can't air dry properly and after sleeping on it overnight, it goes flat in places. Thankfully my hair can take daily washings (sometimes I skip the product and just wet my hair to style). I have never worn a braid to work or on a day out (only at the beach) and the first time I wore a bun to work was just a couple of weeks ago. I sometimes curl my hair...usually if I showered the night before (I usually shower in the mornings) and don't want to re-wet my hair to blow dry.

My hair is lovely in humid weather and air dries like a dream. After a night's sleep, it's still acceptable the next morning. Sadly, I call that my "vacation hair".

As I had less and less time, I started going to my stylist for colour. I have naturally black hair, but like to dye it dark brown to give it some more dimension. Oh, and also to cover the greys that I've had since I was 12 or 13.

I've maintained my hair past shoulder length up until 2014, then got tired of it one day and had it cut very short - just above and not quite touching my shoulders. At that point, that last time I had hair that short was probably 8-10 years. This year I've been growing out my hair and it's been at its lifetime longest.

My bangs/part tend to switch from center part no bangs, side part/side-swept bangs to the straight bangs I have now. I've had straight bangs once before, but I tried too hard to keep them perfectly smooth, same length and curled inwards (so high maintenance) whereas I wear it a tiny bit messier now.



Things that really made a difference in my hair:

- switching to sulphate-free shampoo

- finding the right conditioner for my hair (my current fav is Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture conditioner)

- using a hair oil as my last step every day

- my Dyson hair dryer. Worth every penny.


Here are my short term hair goals:

- stop colouring my hair and grow out the treated part

- grow to waist length or past waist length


Long term goal: Once I get it long enough and the treated parts are all gone, I would like to have my hair cut & donated for cancer pateitns...I've always wanted to do it, but couldn't because I dyed my hair. I have quite a ways to go...the dyed portion begins around the top of my ears, I'll probably need another year for that part to get to where my ends are right now.







Your hair looks beautiful @k617! It's so sweet that you want to donate. That's really lovely. Smiley Happy

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