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Post in Best Hair Ever


a thread to talk about your hair goals / experiments / fails / wins / products etc. consider this a RANDOM THOUGHTS: HAIR thread 🙂


when i joined BT years ago, i was at the beginning phases of growing out a shaved head, after a decade of cropped pixie cuts and avant garde styles as well as defying my natural texture. my hair is past my shoulders now, and am fully immersed in this world of hair care and styling that i had been absent from for so long. 


this thread can be about anything. thoughts, questions, anecdotes that you feel like sharing but for whatever reason don't want to start an independent thread about. cheers !


Hey all

anyone know the difference between the aquis original turban (yellow label) and the lisse  luxe turban (orange label)? TIA


Hello Lovelies I need some help. I've has the Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse for a few months. Every time I use it my hair becomes a crunchy mess, where I can't get my fingers through more then an inch. I've looked at Youtube videos and tried different ways of applying it but it always ends up a mess. Have any of you used it? Do you have any recommendations?


If not I have wavy, frizzy hair. There are times I'm basically too lazy to style it and would like to naturally let my hair dry. Any product recommendations that can help better define my waves so when it dries down I doesn't look like Hagrid's beard?!? Thank You!


I’m all over the Touchable Texture Whip by Devacurl @Aaliaa. I love to use this when I want my hair to air dry. It really helps to enhance my natural wave/curl (somewhere around 2A-2B) and it doesn’t make my hair crunchy at all, it just looks and feels really natural and pretty. It also helps to tame frizz and smells delicious 😋🍏 

I comb through my hair in the shower to detaingle, wrap my hair in a cotton T to absorb the excess water, and then I’ll scrunch a small amount of product into my hair and leave it to let it dry. 

I found that brushing it through or touching it too much would disrupt the curl and cause more frizz. 


So glad you shared your technique with us. @bakeamuffin!  I've been reading your posts recommending this product, and I think I need to give it a go!  Do you put any other products in your hair with the Texture Whip?


@greeneyedgirl107 I use it alone, typically I’ll skip my leave-in conditioner unless my hair is feeling super dry and then I’ll apply the conditioner first and scrunch in the Texture whip afterwards. It’s a great creamy product that hardly feels like it’s in your hair at all, I’m so glad I discovered it 😄


Thanks for the clarification, @bakeamuffin🙂


Thanks @bakeamuffin! I haven't tried anything by DevaCurl so I'll definitely check it out.


@Aaliaa I have a sample of it on hand, I can pop it into a mailbox for you if you’d like to try it? It’s a pretty generous sized foil sample, probably enough for 4 or more uses.It’s a pretty generous sized foil sample, probably enough for 4 or more uses.



Oh wow thank you @bakeamuffin! Thats so generous of you, I'll PM you.


So my last couple years with purple hair have been real, but I think I'm ready to go back to the land of the brunettes again for a while! My natural coloring in general is pretty neutral with a slightly warm undertone (I'm a "clear spring" according to the seasons thing) and I've realized lately the purple is sort of boxing me out of warmer makeup colors that work with my skin undertone but won't jive with my current hair (bronzes and clearer peachy tones).


Anyway, I don't want to use a color remover or Color Oops because that's way overkill, but I am going to push my hair to fade a bit before I recolor it... I got a bottle of Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Three (for chlorine and hard water deposits, not color-safe!) and I'm just going to wash with that a couple times every time I shower for the next few days to speed up the whole process. Tried it today and the lather was pink, so I think we're in business!Screenshot_20180306-004009.png


@fieldsofclover you don't really need to do that re the c...

@fieldsofclover you don't really need to do that re the clarifying. It will just dry out your hair. If you are getting it done by a stylist we know how to use the colour wheel to neutralize. Edit nvm I didnt read the full thread, sorry. I wouldn't wash it to a pink unless you're colouring with an Ash.

what did you buy? what volume developer?

what did you buy? what volume developer?@fieldsofclover

Re: what did you buy? what volume developer?

@GG84 I just got a Garnier consumer kit this time since my hair has always come out close to the target color with those (and stayed in decent enough condition). The box makes a big deal about how it's not for very dark hair, so it can't be more than 20v. 


Theoretically it's a 4 "deep chestnut brown" but they run a little light and I figure it will come out more red. Current color is a VV though, and I've only come back from red-violets before so I'm kind of curious to see what will happen... not worried about it coming out unwearable, at least, since I've already worn every possible shade between 😂

Re: what did you buy? what volume developer?

@fieldsofclover Its always 20 in those unless blonde. In theory a golden brown would have been best, worst case scenerio you have lots of red undertones which isnt horrible or you pull very ashy. Or you look like a lucious brunette. Time will tell! 

Re: @fieldsofclover you don't really need to do that re the c...

@GG84I'm living dangerously and doing it at home 💰 There's only so much mixing I have the attention span for in one sitting so I'm just aiming to not have my bit of new growth end up too ashy... I'm not laboring under the delusion that it will come out the same as the swatch, at least 😂


Speaking of short attention spans, I might just end up doing it later tonight 🤔


Edit: it definitely won't fade up to a pink, I'm just shooting to have it finish closer to chestnut than burgundy on this first round.


( @darlyndar I'mma recolor on Thursday, I think 🤔 )


I’m obsessed @fieldsofclover. Your cut and color look amazing on you!!! 


@darlyndar I have the best stylist now! I just went in the first time and was like "so I'm kinda thinking something like X..." and she was like "Got it". Then boom, it was perfect! And it's short enough that I can do my own color again 😂💰


I'm going to work my way up to like a bronzey medium brown... I might lowlight after that, but I don't plan to go much lighter because I need the contrast.


New favorite brand! Tried AG Hair (from Canada, got it at Ulta) and it is so good... I have purple hair and have always had to choose between washing my hair only 2x a week, or praying to make it a full month before I need to refresh my color. Excited to spend so much less money on dry shampoo in 2018!

Y'ALL. I just got one of the Amika Blowout Babe thermal b...

Y'ALL. I just got one of the Amika Blowout Babe thermal brushes, and I had to stop and take a photo halfway through because I can't believe how well it works! This is dry day-old hair (I have a 3A curl pattern), with day-old B&B Primer and Spray de Mode hairspray. Worth every penny!!

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