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Summer Hair Styles

Summer time is almost officially here! What hairstyles are in trend right now?

Re: Summer Hair Styles

Great ideas lylysa!

Re: Summer Hair Styles

Thanks, Clarks!

Re: Summer Hair Styles

Summer brings the ever popular beach waves back into season. Tousseled, textured, dishelved waves and loose curls is popular as it exemplifies the look of being at the beach and having the ocean water's natural salt add body and texture to hair. Salt and texturizing sprays help to dry up some of the natural oils in hair, allowing strands to be more varied. Try some dry shampoos or styling powder to add some volume to roots and enhance texture there. Soft pomades or creams can be added on a few ends to define the bottom of the hair and add to the piecey look.


Another trend is slicked hair, keeping with the idea of swimming at the beach, rather than focus on a dry style, slicked styles play to the look of right after taking a dip in the ocean or pool and gives a slick, clean feel. This is great if you are transitioning from a swim to another activity and don't want hair sopping wet and lifeless. Try a low chignon or bun at the nape of the neck, having the rest of hair pulled back or even parted to the side then pulled back. You can add variations with a braided bun or braid sections leading to the bun. You can also try a sleep, parted pony tail and wrap a portion of hair around the tie to hide it and make it more chic. This is where gels and shine serums come into play to keep hair wet looking and full of shine while maintaining frizz.


Summer is also a good time to vary up your ponytails! Beef up some volume and go for a soft pony at the lower portion of the back of the head, higher than the nape. Also, try side ponys where they're tied off just behind and below your ear to keep them visible and not laying on your neck so much. Play with curling wands or French braids worked into ponys! Keep in mind you don't want stiff looking ponys, so finish with a light mist of flexible hold hairspray, don't saturate strands as you don't want helmet hair.



Re: Summer Hair Styles

Bangs!!!!!  =D

Re: Summer Hair Styles

You also might want to check out our hair section! It has great ideas and product suggestions to create different looks:

<3 Melissa

Re: Summer Hair Styles

Hi Pinkswag97,


I like to check out magazines for new summer hair ideas! I've been seeing a lot of beach texture and lots of waves and braids.


Bumble and Bumble has a great line that adds waves, and a matte textured finish.


surf set.jpg

<3 Melissa
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