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Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

Hi Y'all Smiley Happy My current hair color is dark auburn and i'm tired of this color.. I'm a fair-skinned girl so I was thinking of dying my hair a different color. Maybe dark red like Ariana Grande, or black with red under neath i'm loving that style. Which color do you think? Also I have super frizzy hair are there any good products for frizz control?

Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

Try to post a photo so we can get a better idea of your complexion and coloring. Red itself is a color that requires more maintainance as it has a tendancy to fade faster.


Phyto makes a great color preservation mask that is sed during the first 2 weeks after coloring to lock in color betterm hydratem and repair hair from any coloring/chemical damage, then you store it away to use when you color your hair again.


For frizz, check out the Living Proof line, It's a line that doesn't se silicones to smooth and tame hair but rather a polufluroester that smooths down the cuticle of hair without the worry of forming any barriers over strands.






Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

image.jpgThis is what my hair looks liKe currently

Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

Have you considered doing a red glaze to give your hair a lustrous look with just a slight tint to your hair when it catches the light?


Or even a semi or demi permanent color?


I have a demi (lasts longer than semi) permanent color in my hair and love that it's less maintence and doesn't lift my natural hair color. Since red does require more maintence, doing something that is designed to gradually fade can allow you to almost "test out" the look of red to see if it's something you can dedicate the time and effort to and then maybe consider committing to it permanently later on.

Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

if your fair i dont suggest dying your hair black. dark red would be pretty but like the other person said it is a lot of up keep but you can always use dry shampoos to help it not fade as quick but i don't suggest using dry shampoo all the time. Or you can even probably pull of really red like the little mermaid or go blonde.also josie maron has a hair serum for frizz or like the other person said living proof

Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

Oh my gosh your hair is STUNNING!! I would never ever dye that hair, its too gorgeous!! I've never colored my hair but my mom has and its a LOT of work and it really does more harm then good. Your hair will never be as soft as your natural hair and it will take you forever just to brush it. I have long, thick light brown hair and I can brush it out really well in under 5 minutes but my mom's hair is a MESS after she washes it. It takes her 20-30 minutes just to brush it out and I know that she spends a TON of money on things like hair serums, deep conditioners, hair oils, hair cremes etc just to keep it semi soft.


Dont dye your hair!! Its too pretty! If you're a low maintenance gal and like to get out the door as fast as possible, then you're not going to like spending all that extra time taking care of colored hair. If you still want to dye your hair, make sure you bring a picture to show to your hairdresser so that there arent any surprises at the end when he or she is done!

Re: Suggestions on hair color/dying my hair..

Your hair is very pretty and looked very healthy.


However if you want to color your hair I say go for it.  

Now is the time of your life to do this kind of stuff.


I think if you bring more red in your hair it would be lovely.

You dont have to go full red to get a change and if you are have red in your hair already it will look more natural and likely suit your complextion well.

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