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Split ends on healthy hair - product advice needed!

My hair is blonde mid-length and healthy, and responds very well to conditioning so I don't need or use a lot of product.  It is naturally pin straight and fine, so any product gives it a dirty or greasy look.


I have a multitude of split ends caused by years of using ponytail holders that broke my hair.  I have since stopped but I want a product that will smooth down my split ends without making my hair look greasy.


Does anyone have any recommendations?  The Sephora staff have recommended the Alterna dry oil mist which was light and shiny, but didn't smooth the split ends. 



Re: Split ends on healthy hair - product advice needed!

Take a look at this thread here:


I made mention of plenty of drug store and salon/high end brands that carry items that will temporarily relieve split ends by helping smooth their texture. There is no "cure" for split ends, once it's split, the only way to be rid of it is by keeping hair trimmed and proper maintenance to ensure hair is less damaged via routes like heat styling, stress, dietary means, and tools used.

Re: Split ends on healthy hair - product advice needed!

No hun, there's no product to get rid of split ends. There are tons to prevent them though! If you already have split ends, get a trim so you can get rid of them once and for all. To get your hair healthy and to not have any more split ends coming back look up the Pro Natural’s hair care line. It’s online and they have all kinds of products you can use so just choose one

Re: Split ends on healthy hair - product advice needed!

Keep up on hair trims.  It should be done every 6-8 weeks.  It will make a huge difference.

Re: Split ends on healthy hair - product advice needed!

Split end menders aren't ideal. They'll smooth the hair but it can still break farther. The only real way to get rid of split ends is a trim. And switch from a rubber band to a scrunchy... Every once in a while I'll use ribbon ties, but they still can rip hair. Scrunchies are the way to go Smiley Wink 

As far as products go, the Alterna CC cream is nice. It's not too heavy if you apply a small amount. 

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