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Silicone free hair treatment

I recently found out that all my favourite hair oil/serum contain certain amount of silicone. Any recommendations on silicone-free leave-in hair treatment? Thanks!

Re: Silicone free hair treatment

Mizani Supreme Hair oil is silicone free.


Also, you could look at the brand, JessiCurl.  It is for curly hair however, a lot of straight hair girls love her products.  They are pretty natural and without silicones, sulfates or parabans.


Living Proof is another but I seriously don't think it is worth the hype. I found I got better results with other brands.


Also, make sure that if you are going silicone free that you do a sulfate wash in order to remove the silicones from your hair. Also, it may take a few weeks to see results.

Re: Silicone free hair treatment

What is wrong with silicone?  I'm just curious, I'm assuming it builds up in hair?

Re: Silicone free hair treatment

My hair is severely damaged (permed and dyed). My hair stylist recommends me to avoid silicone products just because silicone buildup could stop moisture getting to the hair. So I would like to have silicone-free options  because my favourite products Alterna Kendi oil and Josie Moran Argan oil both contain silicone Smiley Sad

Re: Silicone free hair treatment

I just recently transitioned into silicone-free hair products as well. For my weekly treatment, I've been using the Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil and have been loving it! A bunch of girls here have also raved about using coconut oil as a treatment as well. For my styling routine, I've switched over to Living Proof products, and have been loving the Satin Hair Serum and the Perfect Hair Day, depending on the type of look I'm going for. The PHD is great for really smooth, soft, straight and voluminous hair. I use the SHS when i want more of a wavy look.

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