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Shiny hair products

I am looking for two different products. I need a product that I can apply before I style my hair, something that adds shine and smooths my hair out, but the product can't be heavy and weigh my hair down. I want this product to help improve my hair.

The second product I need is finishing product...Something that adds shine, maybes tames the fly aways. My hair is naturally straight and fine, it gets oily around the roots, and its color treated, so its a bit dry. I am having trouble finding products that can benefit my hair while adding shine, without leaving my hair feeling heavy. Can somebody help?

Re: Shiny hair products

I have oily hair and I dye it with a demipermanent color every 3 months.


I use CHI Keratin mist on wet hair - this is meant to repair and strengthen your hair. It is not heavy. However I wouldn't say its purpose is to add shine. Also I would not consider it a primary heat protectant. But if your hair is damaged this a great product. It will improve the texture and smoothness of your hair.


I then use a leave-in conditioner and stop there (my HG happens to be a drugstore conditioner but any will do - I find this makes my hair shiny). This is where the Redkin Anti-Snap could come in handy. If I am heat styling I use a heat protectant cream (not spray) by Biolage.


To finish off the look and add shine I would recommend a product like Moroccan oil. I have the small trial size of both the regular and the light version (I do have dark hair, its fine but there is a lot of it) and I prefer the light version as its a lot harder to over do it. If you have a lot of flyaways I would definitely purchase a paste or wax stlying product. Put the shine serum on your ends and rub a little wax between your fingers and run over the flyaways - they'll disappear instantly. A little goes a long way.


While your hair is wet I would think more about strengthening and protecting from heat, and while its dry the more visual effects like shine and flyaway control.

Re: Shiny hair products

I have almost same hair as you do except mine isn't coloured. What I found works amazing, for the ends you use argan oil or even the bumble & bumble invisible oil or something similar and makes my hair look shiny and doesn't weight it down or make it feel weird. Go to sephora and ask for sample to try Smiley Happy

Re: Shiny hair products

I have the same kind of hair. It's dry but is oily at the roots. So I use redken extreme anti snap on the ends of my hair after I towel dry my hair. It keeps it healthy and definitely I have seen less split ends since i've used it. Next I use the paul mitchell super skinny serum. It tames my fly aways and keeps it conditioned and smooth. I take one pump, rub it in my hands, then start at the bottom of my hair and work it up to about 1/4 of the way from my roots. Then I don't get oil on my roots but it helps fly aways. Then I blow dry and do whatever i'm doing to my hair that day and then use the macadamia natural oil healing oil treatment and take a tiny bit of that.. you seriously need the smallest amount. And work that in at the ends of my hair and then wherever else I have fly aways.

Re: Shiny hair products

Thanks!!! I've heard great things about the redken extreme anti snap. I think I might try that! I've used the macadamia oil and even though I only used a tiny bit, I still find it too heavy.

Re: Shiny hair products

Oil is too heavy if you are using it during the day. I use it on my ends and run the rest through my hair the night before i wash my hair the next morning. Keeps it healthy without having to worry about weighing it down or getting greasy

Re: Shiny hair products

Hi MissAliCruz,


Your hair sounds similar to mine. I use a lightweight heat protectant spray from Oscar Blandi and to finish off the hair after drying and styling, I use  the Alterna Bamboo Smooth line for a shine mist that is lightweight, never makes my hair greasy and doesn't weigh it down but gives an amazing sheen and softness.


Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray

Oscar Blandi - Pronto Dry Styling Heat Protect Spray


Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry  Oil Mist (my favorite!)


ALTERNA - Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist


Alterna Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist (slightly heavier in texture and feel with a violet candy-perfume  scent)


ALTERNA - Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Shiny hair products

Maybe you could use the moroccan oil then. I used to have that and liked it, but then I switched to macadamia when I ran out.

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