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Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

Ive been meaning to ask, but does anyone here have a really sensitive scalp, and if so, what shampoo and conditioner do you use? Most shampoos irritate my scalp, causing discomfort. Any help is appreciated, and feel free to suggest high or low end products. Thank you!

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

I find The Body Shop's Rainforest Shine shampoo to be awesome for a sensitive scalp. Just the Shine version... the Rainforest line has a few other varieties too, but other ones aren't as good on me for some reason. As for conditioner, I don't have any specific recommendations. I've used Pantene for years and it works for me, but I don't put conditioner on my scalp, just the ends of my hair. 

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

You might try something sulfate-free, those are often gentler. I know L'Occitane carries a line for sensitive scalps, it has a purple label.


Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

I have these spurts with my scalp being sensitive like crazy. Those times I use Selsun blue (the medicated kind. feels so nice and cooling!), my boyfriends Axe shampoo (seriously I will use this on a weekly basis because it's amazing....hahaha), or Aussie. Smiley Happy Usually shampoos will make my scalp itch or burn, but those three really don't. Tresseme moisture rich is also okay on me IF I rotate between the other shampoos. Smiley Happy

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

Aussie conditioner is and smells nice! I went through this period when i had the most complicated hair product rotation regime. Now, thinking back on it, its pretty funny.

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

I know! I need a HG shampoo/conditioner. Smiley Wink haha I loooooove Aussie's conditioner, the shampoo is just okay, IMO but it's good when I rotate them. Darn skincare regime have to be so darn complicated! lol I need simplicity in my life. Smiley Happy

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

My household has a host of issues - colored hair, dry hair, oily hair, fine hair, eczema, sebum control issues (that is, oily dandruff-like stuff when the balance isn't right,) irritation, itchiness, and so on. As someone else suggested, try looking for a sulfate-free shampoo, it seems to help the most with scalp irritation. DevaCurl has a nice line of products you can get in mini-sizes to try out. 

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

That sounds like my household, a myriad of troubles. Im pretty sure everybody has their own shampoo and conditioner, and just about everything else. Im not exactly sure what sulfate does, could you explain? Thank you!

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

Sure! Sulfates in shampoos are primarily foaming agents, so they are what give you all that pretty lather when you wash your hair. It's a surfactant that's commonly used as a grease cutter and drying agent in dish soap, as well.

For your skin, this means that it strips out healthy oils and leaves you with the "squeaky" clean - it carries away the natural healthy oils, along with the dirt, dead skin, and product you're probably trying to remove from your hair.

As a response, your scalp will often produce more oil, trying to protect itself. You can develop sebum control issues, which can lead to that kind of oily-dandruff-like-stuff some people have trouble with. If your skin doesn't respond by producing more oil, you're left with dry, flaky, cracking, sometimes bleeding skin. 

Sulfate-free shampoos usually don't lather like those that contain sulfates but they're doing the work you need them to do without the work you don't want them to do. In the period of initial transition, your scalp may still be protecting itself, so you can have a few weeks where your hair feels oilier than normal - if you keep up with sulfate-free washing, this should clear up. Many people find their hair is softer, less prone to splitting, and less dry once they're sulfate-free. 

I hope that's helpful!  (And actually, with sulfate-free shampoos that are wheat-and-soy free, we can all use the same stuff - my shower's never looked simpler!)

Re: Shampoo for sensitive scalp?

I'd look into the Phyto or Ojon.  They make some great hair products.  I haven't tried everything from both companies but what I did try I liked Smiley Happy

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