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Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

Hey, I have  dark brown hair passed my shoulders and I have been trying to get it longer.   Due to my family, and all the layers I have, I have puffy hair ( not curly! More like wavy/straight). I feel that after the shower it gets really frizzy.  I've heard of Mane n' Tail.... Should I get that shampoo?   But I also want a good smelling shampoo so.. Any suggestions? 

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

I'm in the same boat as the OP, and I'm happy to hear all the recommendations for the Organix line. It seemed a little fad-ish with all the different 'oil' types, but if it gets a thumbs up from fellow beauties I'll try it. It's very affordable compared to Bumble & Bumble, which is great but pricey. :-)

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

My hair is a lot like that too and I avoid Mane n' Tail since it grows your hair more. I prefer Pro naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner which is very smoothing and the occasional keratin leave-in product.

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

I have a similar hair texture to you: wavy/straight (mine's super wavy in the back after it gets wet and the front is straight with a slight wave). I definitely second StraightRhodes' suggestion of a sulfate-free shampoo. I personally use L'oreal Everpure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. I used to wash my hair every day or every other day and now I only need to wash it twice a week. Cutting back on the every day washing/drying/heat styling has made my usually slow-to-grow hair grow at a much faster rate. I also use Moroccanoil Light on my ends.

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

I've always felt a little yucky with not washing my hair everyday.. 

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

Your hair will be weird for about a week after you switch to sulfate free and start cutting back on the shampoo. But it trains your scalp to produce less oil overall. I have platinum blonde hair and let me tell you, if there's any oil it's very noticeable on in my hair. So I thought that there was no way I could go a day or two without shampooing my hair. But after my stylist suggested going longer without shampooing to prevent damage and I actually gave it a shot, I would seriously never go back to washing my hair every day. It was the single best thing I've ever done for my hair and scalp. My husband noticed how long my hair was getting and said it was in the best shape he's ever seen it so now he also is sulfate free and washes his hair with shampoo twice a week too. It's made his slightly curly-sometimes-frizzy hair so much more smooth. It's obviously not for everyone. If you can't stand your hair looking not so great for about a week then you wont follow through with it so it wont work for you. But if you can get through the initial change it really does wonders for your hair.

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

Hello! I do not suggest Mane n' Tail. I had no luck with it. I have thick but fine hair that's past my shoulder blades and curly/prone to frizz. The Mane n' Tail gave me bad tangles.


I really like the Organix line, specifically the Morrocan Oil (teal bottles). It's sulfate and wax free so there may be an adjustment period of a couple weeks for your hair but after that you should be good. My hair is growing better and it doesn't get as oily since I switched. I think it works best when you have both the shampoo and conditioner. I would also recommend picking up a hair oil (there is one in this line I love) that will really help with adding moisture back in to your hair.


I personally like the smell of these which is very exotic but not heavy.

Re: Shampoo Suggestions?? c:

Seconded on the Organix Morrocan Oil!  I wash my hair with it 3x a week, and my hair is down past the bottom of my shoulder blades.

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