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Shampoo Recommendations

I’ve tried a few different things for my hair, and nothing seems to work for me.


I have wavy/straight hair, that is coarse and damaged towards the ends. If I don’t wash it everyday, it becomes oily at the roots. I used to dye it every few months, but I’ve been putting it off -hopefully, to help my hair. And I, 99% of the time, wear my hair in a tight ponytail. (Which probably doesn’t help my case.)


Do you know anything affordable that works great for your hair (I.e shampoo or hair masks)?

(I am not the biggest conditioner fan, but can be pursuaded to try.)


Thank you, in advance.

Re: Shampoo Recommendations

@Sorsha23 I really like Pureology Hydrate shampoo.  It is sulfate-free but it lathers which makes it so easy to work with.  I've really noticed a difference in my hair.  It is also made for color-treated hair.  If cost is a concern, I saw at BBB that they carry a knock-off - although IDK how close the formula is.  Good luck!  Smiley Happy

Re: Shampoo Recommendations

Pureology Hydrate is really good, and I actually Found it recently at TJ Maxx online and in some of their stores. @greeneyedgirl107@Sorsha23

Sexy Hair Strengthening Shampoo is really great, and can be found at great prices at Ulta- super for all of the concerns that you mention. Living Proof Restore is awesome, found at Sephora and Ulta.

Re: Shampoo Recommendations

Thanks for the heads-up, @ClassicallyFab Smiley Happy

Re: Shampoo Recommendations



I could always give a smaller size a try, to see how well it works with my hair.

Thank youuu! 

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