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Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

I have fine hair (and not a whole lot of it) that is naturally very straight and color treated with blonde highlights.  I am naturally a darker blonde.  For the past several months, my normally oily hair has been very dry and brittle.  I use a sulfate free shampoo that is a dark purple in color and good for color treated blondes, but I am afraid that all of the color treatments have been too harsh.  Is there a shampoo and conditioner out there that will help my hair with the dryness and not be too harsh while preserving the color?

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

How often are you coloring and highlighting? You may want to stop coloring for a while. Is your hair thin,medium or coarse? 

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

I do a color / highlight when I get my hair cut, which is every 4 months.  My hair is fine.

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

What haircolor brand do you use? It may be too harsh. Try Redken they have a blonde line and a color-safe line or Biolage by Matrix

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

My apologies for the late reply.  What I use is the AG Shampoo and conditioner in the sterling variety.  

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

Try a shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free and have protein. I like Organix Biotin and Collagen. You want to try and add protein back to your hair as much as possible. 


If you're doing your own color be careful not to overlap onto hair that you've already colored previously. 

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

Use sulfate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner, like pro naturals argan oil shampoo and conditioner. Argan oil is light so it won't weigh down on your hair, plus this brand is color safe.

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

A few suggestions for hydrating shampoo and conditioners would be the Carol's Daughter Monoi line, the Alterna Caviar Moisture line, and the Bumble and bumble Quenching line.  I would also suggest a weekly hair mask, such as the Monoi repairing mask from Carol's Daughter.  You may also want to look at a good leave-in conditioner or hair oil.

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

I use the Wen line and I honestly love it. I have the same type of hair and I have been using the wen for a year now and now that all of the damage has been cut off, I still color every 3 months and my hair is actually thicker and healthier and never needs a toner. It is expensive but I would not give this up unless I absolutely had to. I have heard people say it leaves their hair greasy but if you use it correctly it won't do that. You can watch a video on the proper way to cleanse your hair and they have some really yummy scents on QVC. I just ordered the apple pie for this year's fall collection and the brand new bamboo green tea. I don't use all of the Wen products, just the cleansing conditioner. I use Organix light aregan oil ( just a dab) and then the Organic styling crème when I blow dry. I use the replenishing mist if it is really dry outside or when I leave the pool. I also use the 613 for once a week clarifying. I prefer to use QVC because they have the most variety.

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

Hi EmmyJane,


Are you using a hair mask in conjunction with your shampoo/conditioner routine?


I'd recommend using the Monoi Repairing Conditioner, which is super rich in hydration and smells amazing. Best of all it's sulfate free, so you won't have to worry about stripping your hair.



Another product that I swear by for dry hair is Living Proof's Restore Mask Treatment.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

Hi Janine,


I actually use a mask twice a month - it's the Bumble & Bumble Brand one, as that is the primary hair care line used by my salon, and it was recommended to me.  Thanks for the suggestions that you sent me!  I feel that the mask I currently use just doesn't do it for me, so I'm eager to try them.

Re: Shampoo / Conditioner Suggestions

Personally, I love AG Hair Cosmetics.  It's paraben-, sulfate- and sodium-free (sodium can really dry the hair).  I have very fine hair as well.  I currently use Keratin Repair Refuel Strengthening shampoo and the Volume Thikk Rinse Volumizing conditioner.  My hair is super shiny, and even when I let it air-dry, it actually has volume. 

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