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Serious Hair Help Needed!

Hey guys,

So I have a dilemma with my hair. Right after I wash it and its wet its beautifully wavy and some parts are even curly. However once it drys its just kind of a big and fluffy mass and looks almost straight because of this. I have no idea what kind of products to use or anything to maintain the pretty waves without the puff and limpness. Also, my hair has a tendency to get a bit dry as its very porous.

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

Check out this thread where I posted a chock load of info on helping curly hair including products and lines to combat frizz, enhance and define curls, combat dryness, and even tips to ensure curls are well cared for!

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

Thank you so much! That was beyond informative 

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

You're welcome! My hair is wavy and I've personally used Redken's Curvaceous line and Living Proof and love both. My curly haired gal friends have used the Carol's Daughter Monoi products (one in particular flat irons her hair so she needs something for moisture not just curls), and other swear by Deva Curl and Bumble & Bumble. Sephora carries all those lines minus Redken.

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

It sounds like you have the same hair as me.  I like B&B's grooming cream if I need a quick out the door product.  It's light and you have to mess around with how much will work.  You can let it air dry and it does a decent job without doing anything more.


I've also tried B&B's curl conscious.  I like that product too but it will only work well for me if I blow dry it.  The product is super soft. 

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

I second jenWho's recommendation on B&B's Grooming cream.  All I have to do is put it in my hear when it is damp/wet, put my hair up in a microfiber towel while I am getting ready, let it out when I am ready to leave and it air dries perfectly.  Not crunchy and keeps most of the pattern together (it can get a little stringy sometimes - you definitely have to play around with the amount you put in and when you put it in your hair.

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

I feel like everyone keeps saying such good things about B&B. There is a salon that only uses B7B near my house that I'd definitely like to visit and see what they suggest while getting my next hair cut. 

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

All of my good friends swear by the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious cream! It defines curls without leaving them with that crunchy feel. Another good option is Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk. My sister loves defining her curls with this, and the fact that it smells amazing is really just the cherry on top.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!



I have the opposite problem!  However, being a member of three monthly sample companies has allowed me to come in contact with some AMAZING products that combat this exact issue!


First off- are you using a diffuser while drying your hair?  May work better than air drying and def. better than drying without.


I have heard that this product is a holy grail type- 

 Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Creme

(you will have to google the sellers of this product)

 Davine's Love Smoothing line- great for washing and treatment on toweled dry hair.


Hope those products help!  

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

I would try Aveda's Be Curly line to reduce the frizz and define the waves.  My hair does the exact thing if I don't use conditioner or if I use a sulfate-based product.  That line hydrates really well, and it's working wonders on my hair!

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

I really do want to stop using sulfate-based products. I know its a journey finding products I like but ahh I get so overwhelmed by options 

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

Try Aveda.  It's pretty easy to find a salon that sells their line by going to Aveda's website.  Just do a search by your zip code.  Love their stuff!

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

I really like Bumble's Styling Crème.  It will give your waves some hold without being crunchy and control the poof without weighing your hair down.  My hair is bra-strap length and I use about a nickel-sized amount.  I simply finger comb it through my hair followed by some light scrunching and allow it to air dry.

Re: Serious Hair Help Needed!

It sounds like you need some kind of super light moisturizing cream (a.k.a. a leave-in conditioner) to leave in your hair afterwards. Some of them also have a tiny bit of gel product in it to help you retain the shape of your curl better. Or, you could go for a tiny bit of leave-in with a tiny bit of super light gel as well.


I'm mixed race and have fallen in love with Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls. I think the Bumble and Bumble stuff might be better for white hair, but it's too light for my hair. Their Curl Conscious Defining Cream looks pretty useful!



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