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Second day hair

I have wavy hair that lays at my collar bone.  on day one hair I put in mousse and spray gel to get my wave pattern to stay together and to avoid frizz.  What I can never achieve is great second day hair.  I wake up with weird, flat hair.  What products or techniques do you use to get nice second day hair?  I am tired of my boring fix of a pony tail!

Re: Second day hair

It worked! Thank you lylysa for recommending the styling cream (I am still working with the when and how much to use) and to all the ladies who suggested the braids.  I have the best second day hair I have ever had today. If I could give you all multiple hearts, you all would be getting a ton right now!

Re: Second day hair

you could try wrapping your hair with a satin scarf, they have some that you can tie on also (sold at any beauty discount store), the scarf protects your hair from drying and or being snagged and tangled during the night. i would put 2 braids in my hair then wrap it with a satin scarf.

Re: Second day hair

Thanks for the suggestion tashalicious. I have heard of a satin pillowcase, but a satin scarf sounds like something I can do immediately.  I am trying it tonight!

Re: Second day hair

What's the texture of your hair after using your mousse and spray?


If your hair is too "crunchy" or stiff feeling (to where you can't run your hands through it easily) then you might consider taking a mist or spray bottle and either using plain water, salt spray, or leave in conditioner, give strands a quick few spritz to lightly wet them and scrunch to "re-activate" the product already in your hair.


The suggestion of also braiding your hair before sleeping is great. If your hair is normal to thick, try using a curl defining cream to give soft definition and hold, nothing hard or crunchy. I touch up with Redken's Curvaceous Leave In/Rinse Out Conditioner. It doesn't weigh my hair down or leave any tacky residue.

Re: Second day hair

Well, the texture is definitely crunchy on the first day, but I don't like that. After my hair dries, I usually re-scrunch to remove all the crunchiness and add a little more fluff to my hair. On the second day I can still feel product, but the pattern is all messed up.


I have tried water, but I will try the salt spray or leave in conditioner.  Thanks for the suggestion!

Re: Second day hair

Try a defining cream or serum to keep hair's texture softer and more pliable but still offers good definition and shape. The salt spray and leave in options are good to touch up and add texture!

Re: Second day hair

Hi Prosopon, 


I like to put my hair up in a ponytail or loose bun with a giant bobbi pin- when I wake up in the morning I add some dry shampoo (aerosol/cans work best for more volume) and then my favorite Alterna Volumizing Spray which is amazing for extra volume and a boost to 2nd day hair! It actually leaves my hair OK to wear down and not have to pin up Smiley Wink 


Alterna Bamboo Volume Root Uplifting Blast



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Second day hair

It also smells amazing, I have it at my desk!

<3 Melissa

Re: Second day hair

Nice! I have only tried powders.  I will have to try a spray, especially one with volume.  Thanks diana.

Re: Second day hair

I put my hair in a loose french braid after the first day and I sleep on it. When I wake up in the morning I take out the braid and it's usually wavy enough.


If not though, I add some hair pomade to give it more texture.


Hope you find a solution! 

Re: Second day hair

When my hair was longer, I did try a regular braid but it always looked odd.  I will definitely try a french braid and hope it gives me morer regular looking results.  Thanks!

Re: Second day hair

I feel you. I have curly hair and I'm mixed race so if I wash my hair too often, I can really dry out everything... trying to make my hair last a while is exhausting, but I've found that for me, it really all depends on what product I put in while my hair is wet after I wash it.


I know there are a lot of mousses out there on the market but I avoid both those, and straight gels. They both have really great hold and so they'll definitely help your curls to not dry frizzy, but they'll also completely flatten your hair when you sleep on it. I've been using a product that has really low gel and some conditioner in it (Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls) and it's great for second day curls since your hair can naturally bounce back really easily if it isn't being forced into the shape that you've been sleeping in by the mousse and gel that's still in your hair.

I'd add a super super light leave in conditioner to your routine (the tiniest amount, depending on what your hair is like), and try to find a light texture gel for curly hair. I'd stay away from high hold products. The DevaCurl products are great for that and are available on Sephora.

Re: Second day hair

Thanks for the suggestion.  I will definitely have to try that.

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