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Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

As a hairstylist, i'm always interested in what every thinks in regards to Salon Brand hair products vs drugstore products. I presonally have always used Salon Brands, Mainly Redken. But i recently quit my job and am cutting back on things, and with Haircare i decided to venture out into drugstore brands. I know many people who love Suave's Professionals line, So I got the Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner.  And I found it wasn't any different than Salon brands, My hair wasn't any worse or better. I have tried countless Salon brands and i can honestly say i don't think if they are worth the price. I get the same results no matter what the brand. Although Deep conditioners are the one things i think a salon brand like Redken and Biolage are worth the price! Amazing results. But i'm interested in what every thinks and have tried and how you would compare. 


Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I know a lot of people who say that pantene leaves a film and makes their hair fall out.

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

Since I've been changing my haircolor since I was in my teens, I grew up on salon products.


I stick with Aveda, with the occasional Redken purchase.

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I only use natural shampoo so most drugstore and salon hair products are out of the question for me. I use DermOrganic and Giovanni, I buy the 1 L jumbo pump bottles from marshalls or tjmaxx. I never understood why salon products are so expensive, just because its "sulfate free" that doesnt justify the horrific price tag, especially when drugstore products are doing that now as well.

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

Yeah, I love DermOrganic, I thought it was really nice!


Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I haven't really used many drugstore brands cuz I have a dry scalo and most shampoos and conditioners irritate my skin cuz there's sometimes a fragrance.  I also will never go use Panteen again!  It makes my hair so heavy and flat to my head.  The only 3 brands I've used are Organix, Head and Shoulders, and John Freida.  But I love the Paul Mitchell and Sexy Hair products.  Anytime they go on sale at ulta I get them.  I'm in cosmetology school now and we use Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Shampoo and I just love the way hair feels afterward.  From John Freida I use the brilliant brunette liquid shine color glaze and I haven't found anythimg that compares.   

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I actually haven't used a drugstore product on my hair in 19 years!


That said, I've been paying for my hair to be professionally colored for 15 of those, so it makes sense.  Right now I'm trying Bumble and Bumble after being loyal to Aveda for 10+ years.

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I went from drug-store pert to fekkai, and saw a difference. But I still don't think fekkai is worth the price. I tried many others (redken, biolage, etc.) and I finally found my favorite shampoo / conditioner regimen: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette. I love how it makes my hair look, feel, and smell, and it is worth the price!

Re: Salon Brands vs Drugstore Brands.

I don't remember if I have ever used a drug store brand, not sure that  I have, I used Pureology  products and then found my HG shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase.

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