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I need some serious help from you girls!



On the days I have class early in the morning, it's usually very humid out and sometimes foggy. I have dry, fine hair and when I'm in humidity it frizzes and gets wavy, and especially curly around my face. 


My hair is blonde (highlighted, therefore color-treated) and the length is passed my shoulders, down a little below my collar bone. I have wispy, angled bangs parted off-center. 



A long time ago I stopped blowdrying my hair because it dried it out and caused major breakage, and I wasn't able to grow my hair passed my shoulders. Since I have to get up pretty early for class, my routine is that I shower the day before and put in my products and let my hair air dry.



Shampoo: Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Shampoo

Conditioner: Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Conditioner


When my hair is damp, the first product I use is Ojon Dry Recovery Revitalizing Moisture Mist. Since it helps detangle hair, I part my hair and bangs (using a wide-toothed comb).

Then I put in Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Smoothing Cream. Finally, I put in Alterna Straightening Balm. Then I can become somewhat OCD with my bangs (since they are affected the most by the humidity) and put in some more Smoothing Cream and maybe a little Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender. In the morning, I straighten my hair, sometimes I curl it. And use a large amount of hairspray.


What can I do to especially stop my bangs from curling up and becoming unruly?? I think when I touch up my bangs when my hair is wet, I may be doing more harm than good and that's why they get so curly in humid weather. 




Thanks! Smiley Happy


Here's what I do and it solved my problem! :

I use the Pantene deep conditioner for medium/thick hair, they have one for thinner hair too.

You leave it on in the shower for a few minutes and then rinse. I did it everyday until my hair got healthier, now I do it about 1-2 times a week.

Then when I get out of the shower, I spray in my Bed Head Superstar volumizing leave in conditioner and then a little bit of Chi: Silk Infusion, and then let my hair air dry.

If I have any frizzy pieces left when its dry, my flat iron or curling Iron does the trick. Also, just to add a little extra protection, I'd use an anti-humidity hairspray! I really hope this helped somewhat! Good luck(:



Hey chelsled!

So I know that one of the best working frizz treating products is by Living Proof. It really works. And with fine hair like you, lots of products will weigh down your hair, depriving it of volume. But Living Proof is so light that it won't! Try buying the sample and see if you like it.... Hope this helps!



Totally get where your coming from! Although I dont' have bangs, I do have to get up early for school and still have time to eat, and stuff. I suggest on the days that you have class early in the morning, put your hair in a french braid when you go to sleep and then in the morning just prush through your hair and put it back in the braid. If your bangs get frizzy just pin them back or braid them. Thats what I think. Good luck with your frizz battles!


Try this powerhouse combo: Josie Maran's Argan Oil + Living Proof's Spray for Sleekness. Living Proof can be a bit drying, but I find that Maran's Argan Oil takes care of that. Make sure to deep condition twice a week also!


Great Shampoo + Conditioner Combo:


  1. John Master's Organics Honey & Hisbiscus Reconstructing Shampoo
  2. Louise Galvin Sacred Locks Conditioner for Mothers-to-be (least amount of chemicals, super moisturizing without weighing hair down).


dont worry! i have a similar problem

but i have thick, curly frizzy hair naturally

the one thing i have to recomend is let your hair be natural. part of the reason your hair is frizzy and dry is because your dye or bleach your hair and flat iron and curl it. plus, your natural hair looks better. i use this aussie 3 minute maricle and (obvi) you let it sit in your hair for 3 mins, and then when i dry it (with a towel) i put  in a little bit of argan oil. this help moisurize it and make it shiny. then while its still wet i put it in 2 braids. i like my hair wavy... but it doesnt dry all the way giving it a little curl. if i flat iron my hair then right after it i put argan oil in it and it helps calm the frizz. unfortunatly in Camarillo, CA it doesnt get humid.. but during the winter it gets foggy. it makes my hair poofy:/ just brush it through out the day, and if worst comes to worst, during the humid days try an updo, or braid, of bun, or ponytail! 

hope this helpsSmiley Happy


I live in FL; I feel your pain!  My hair is fine,curly,and very,very unruly. I like a leave in product like Carol's Daughter (the black vanilla leave in conditioner) and I really love Living Proof's line.That is probably the best,and I think there are trial sizes available from the shampoo/conditioner to all the styling products.I like the mousse and styling creme for the swampy days. I hope that is some help to you,and good luck!


Check out Ouidad products. I use to have to use a ton of products before I started to use Ouidad. I use their Curl Quencher shampoo and conditioner, Moisture Lock leavein and Climate Control Gel. I used to live in the south and it really controlled the humidity factor. During the summer I add the Sun and Shield spray because I now live in a desert climate.  Their 12 minute Deep Treatment is AMAZING and worth every penny. I have tried A LOT of hair products over the years and Ouidad has given me the best results. If you have to just start with one product definitely try the climate control gel. 


When you touch up your bangs try doing it with something that protects your hair from heat. The Bumble and Bumble Tonic is wonderful. It protects, has conditioning oils in it that are light, and it also reactivates your other styling products! It is meant to be a primer before you put in your products but it works the other way too. I have curly hair and lots of cowlicks--humidity is the enemy! Hopefully you can fight it off and keep your bangs lookin' bangin'! Smiley Happy


i dont wash my hair everyday & that's really helped my hair in so many ways. its not as frizzy anymore and it's less damaged. It's become much easier to grow out.


I feel your pain! I live in East Tennessee where the humidity is high enough to drown in about half the year. I've tried the Ojion products, and the shampoo was ok, but the product line that really did it for me was Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Volumizing shampoo and spray gel. The hair spray I use is White Sands Maximum hold. This hairspray does not get sticky in the damp! I get the White sands at my salon, but Paul Mitchell is getting hard to find; I'm worrying that it may be discontinued! Yikes!

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