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Routine for Curly Hair

Hi! I have thick shoulder length curly hair which can get fairly frizzy. I am trying to find products that will help define my curl while fighting frizz! I am also looking for a great shampoo and conditioner as well as products that could be drugstore or more high end. Also if you have any recommendations for methods of creating great curls over night without heat that would be great! Thanks!

Re: Routine for Curly Hair

I'm going to sound really lazy, but if you have curly hair, and a lot of it, wrapping strands of your hair around various circular implements and then trying to sleep on it sounds like the pinnacle of torture to me.


Try pinneapling. Pile your hair up on the very top of your head (with your head upside down, preferably) and wrap a scrunchy very loosely around it. Put on a satin cap to seal it, and sleap on that. It'll prevent your curls from flattening. You can revitalize them the next morning with a rigorous shaking, or if they're in dire straights, use a spray like the Ouidad or Devacurl spray and then scrunch them with a bit of an oily or milky product.

For defining curls, you're going to need to create a dream cocktail of moisturizing and holding products. I use something creamy/milky like Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls (this, I use on its own, with no hold product), or Aveda or Nexxus products. Sometimes, I just use hair oils. And then I finish up with Aveda's rextexturizing gel, which doesn't dry crunchy. This'll help you combat frizzz for a few days.

Re: Routine for Curly Hair

Great curls overnight without heat would have to be pincurls (old school!!!) or, if bobby pins are uncomfortable, using an old t-shirt and cutting it into strips to wrap curls around instead.  There are also pillow rollers out there, which usually consist of small foam blocks covered in fabric that tie.  I used to be a vintage enthusiast (to the T, meaning only using vintage products and dressing in vintage clothes, etc. every day) and created curls every night.  I love the pillow rollers or t-shirt method, and then cover with a bandana or even a cloth "shower" cap for protection while you sleep.


I'm using Moroccanoil curl cream, which has been working well for me, though I have wavy hair so, it might not work as well for curly locks. 

Re: Routine for Curly Hair

I have similar hair, but not so thick anymore! I find the best products (and I have tried many) are Ouidad and Morrocan Oil. If you have not tried either of these, start with Ouidad by getting a starter kit. I always have the Climate Control Gel and revitalizing spray mist on hand, especially if in a humid environment! You may also go on to the Ouidad website to get some good styling tips! 

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