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Rose Gold Hair

Hi! I'm dying my hair rose gold, and I'm having a hard time finding a shampoo/conditioner/treatments that won't fade the color. It's such a pretty color and I want to preserve it as much as I can! Does anyone know of any? Thanks for all your help Smiley Happy

Re: Rose Gold Hair

Have you considered using a conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo? It's called co-washing, and it doesn't strip your hair like most shampoo does. But it still does a great job of washing it.

Re: Rose Gold Hair

Good suggestion. Use a silicone free conditioner so your hair won't be weighed down.

Re: Rose Gold Hair

@lecia1167, what conditioner do you use?

Re: Rose Gold Hair

Use a sulfate free shampoo, or a cleansing conditioner. Also try not to  wash your hair too often, and rinse with cool water, I think it's such a pretty color, good luck. 

Re: Rose Gold Hair


Re: Rose Gold Hair

Yea, we need a pic ASAP!

Re: Rose Gold Hair

try no poo shampoo

one of the sales girls in sephora who also has bright colored hair recommended it to me to help with my purple hair it has no sulfates . it works great and also always wash with cold water 

Re: Rose Gold Hair

It sounds a bit strange....but.... WEN ! The WEN system ( shampoo/conditioner) is 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED to NOT FADE ANY COLOR or strip your natural, good oils produced by your hair to make it look as if you have been to the SALON everyday!


I tried ir, when it first was introduced, to keep my Magenta Pink and Violet Purple High-Lights looking as bright as they did the moment they were towel dried so I could see the magnificant colors ( I have Natural Very Dark Brown Hair-ALMOST Black ) !


It kepy the Magenta & Violet looking NEW for 6 months and made the rest of my hair look as if it was SALON STYLED DAILY!


I loved it sooooo much that I still use it and my hair has NEVER BEEN Feeling or Looking so full and Beautiful as it ever has before.


Its worth the try, and they will return every penny spent on it, if at ANY TIME , you are not happy with the WEN product line with NO QUESTIONS ASKED ! ( even if you use almost all of the bottles/jars/ect. until they are ALMOST EMPTY!


I wish you the BEST with your color and I know if you give it a try, you will NOT be out of anything - INCLUDING your New, Pretty COLOR!

Re: Rose Gold Hair

I've read some reviews that Wen leaves a strange feeling residue. What has been your experience?

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