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Reviving Hair that's been relaxed and completely dried out from using wrong products

MY HAIR IS DESTROYED: breakage, split ends, very dry, knots, tangled, I can go on. I relaxed it using PhytoSpecific relaxer 1 back in December. I used Phyto products in conjunction. My hair feels like straw. I would wash every 2-3 days and blow dry straight. It's fried. I want to know what is the best product to nourish my hair.  I have the Ojon recovery kit, (Shampoo, condtitioner & serum), and I was sold Ouidad frizz free kit (wasn't too keen on it but I can always exchange for something else). Please help, having bad hair is super depressing. 

Have you tried a sulfate free shampoo?  What about condit...

Have you tried a sulfate free shampoo?  What about conditioner and styling products with no silicones.  I think that this would probably be one of the best things in order to invest in, especially wth your hair as damaged as it probably is.  Also, another thing to consider is deep conditioning.  Have you tried this?  There is a lot that you can do in order to help to bring back the health of your hair.

Re: Have you tried a sulfate free shampoo?  What about condit...

You could try the Carol's Daughter line of products, I've read that they are very moisturizing. Or, try Bumble and Bumble's deeeeep conditioner. I'd also get a good trim, at least 1.5 inches, and lay off the heat styling for a while.
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