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Red/ Bloody scalp with heavy dandruff

I have a really bad state of dandruff. Im currently using Briogeo Scalp Revival series (Exfoliating, Shampoo and the mask). It does help. But I started to see that a part of my scalp is having red ish color like blood (I do have a weak scalp). Any recommendations I can have to help my scalp being stronger? Thank you. 

Re: Red/ Bloody scalp with heavy dandruff

@Katherinele05  Have you seen a dermatologist or your primary care doctor lately about your scalp condition? A doctor, especially a derm, can diagnose your condition and offer personalized treatment that targets the root cause. (You could have dandruff, or your haircare products could be irritating your scalp to the point that it gets dry and flaky. Or, something else could be causing flakes on your scalp.) That's my first recommendation, along with quitting the exfoliating shampoo. 


In fact, you may want to temporarily stop using the entire Briogeo Scalp Revival series. Some of those products contain mint oils, tea tree oil, and/or ginger oil; leaving those on your scalp too long (or using them too frequently) can irritate that skin, especially if you had a sensitive scalp to begin with. If you use both the Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-exfoliating Scalp Scrub Shampoo 8 oz/ 236 mL and Briogeo Scalp Revival™ Dandruff Relief Charcoal Shampoo 8.4 oz/ 248 mL throughout the week, that's probably overkill: the dandruff shampoo contains chemical exfoliants lactic acid (an AHA) and salicylic acid (BHA). I could recommend using a different dandruff shampoo that's less likely to irritate the skin and shouldn't exfoliate it... something like Vanicream Dandruff Shampoo (contains pyrithione zinc as an active dandruff-fighting ingredient), but I really think you should ask a doctor to make sure a dandruff shampoo's even what you need, based on what's happening with your scalp. 


I hope your scalp improves soon! 

Re: Red/ Bloody scalp with heavy dandruff

@Katherinele05 , Definitely stop exfoliating the scalp!!!!! Sounds like you have over exfoliated. 

Re: Red/ Bloody scalp with heavy dandruff

Thanks! I try to use the exfoliator shampoo once a week. Do you know any hair products that help strengthening the scalp but not make the dandruff worse? 

Re: Red/ Bloody scalp with heavy dandruff

@Katherinele05 , I recommend you speak first with a Dermatologist. You think it is dandruff but could be medical or environmental root cause. Definitely stop any exfoliating and harsh shampoo/scrubs.

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