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Recommendations for super dry hair?

I'm in desperate need of some new hair care (shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, treatments, styling products, etc)


I have a super super super dry scalp, I've tried every shampoo, tea tree oil, scalp treatments and have even gone to the dermatologist for it. It's all year round and it never seems to lighten up. I think it may just be harmonal so I may grow out of it but for now I need some type of solution.

I'm looking for a shampoo/conditioner that will be great for my dry scalp and dry hair. I'd love for them to be able to volumize and restore health to my lifeless hair if that makes sense. My hair is super thick but lacks volume and makes my hair look unhealthy.

I know this is extremely specific but anything that will help dryness would be amazing!

Doesn't need to be from Sephora, just anything you know that will help! 

Thank you!

Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

Sorry to hear! Maybe try the Devacurl no-poo and one condition.  Can't hurt to stay away from some of those ingredients in shampoo that might be causing contact dermatitis. there are Deva Curl samples available from Sephora:


Scroll down to hair.


have you tried argan oil products after washing? That and some other leave in products have been great for my hair.


Finally, maybe don't wash every day. I wash every 2-3 days. At first I thought it was gross, but my stylist recommended it. If I sweat, I wash, no matter the day. But my hair stays clean so usually I can skip days.


Good luck!

Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

Argan oil everything and stay away from sulfates. I personally recommend pro naturals argan oil products, especially their shampoo and conditioner, they're very hydrating!

Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

Hi heyitslexx! Smiley Happy 


I would definitely go with Sydbristow's rec. for using a cleansing conditioner.  Try the Wen too! It's super nourishing for your scalp and is going to really help with adding additional volume. 


I'd also recommend you try the Phytopolléine Botanical Scalp Treatment.  I know you have tried many things, but do give this one a try.  It really does have a great combination of natural oils that I believe may help. 


Hope this helps! 






Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

By chance do you color or heat treat your hair? Has it always been on the dry side or has it changed with the seasons or due to other factors in your daily life/routine?


Living Proof is a great place to start if you're looking for a gentle formula that won't weigh hair down. It's sulfate free and also free of heavy silicones and waxes, which in overabundance can dry hair out even more because the silicones and waxes in many hair products/lines end up forming a water impervious coat on strands, preventing moisture to penetrate locks and thus causing them to dry out even more.



Living Proof - Full Volume & Body Boosting Travel Kit


The Full collection boosts volume, body, and manageability, even for thicker hair that tends to just "lay" there under its own weight.


The Restore collection targets dry, damaged, and stressed tresses and helps repair and strengthen locks.

Living Proof - Restore Repairing & Damage Reversing Travel Kit


The entire line of LP relies on polyfluroesters which gives hair a weightlessness but also helps repel dirt and oils that can cause friction on strands which in turn can stress hair.


Another great line to check out is Carol's Daughter's Monoi collection (also sulfate free):

Carol's Daughter - Monoi Repairing Collection 3-Piece Starter Kit


Conditioning monoi oil and extracts helps nourish damaged and dry locks while also using shea butter, vitamin B, silk proteins, and coconut oil to strengthen.

Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

heyitslexx, do you wash your hair everyday?  If you do, definitely try and cut down to like, 2-3 times a week.  Your hair will feel greasy for a week or so while you adjust, but then the natural oils in your skin should help with the dry scalp.  And, I second/third the recommendations to do sulfate free and to look for a shampoo with oils in it.  I like Organix Morrocan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner- it's a drugstore brand, so it's only like 5-7 dollars per bottle, and they last a long time, esp with only shampooing a few days a week.

Re: Recommendations for super dry hair?

I'm Asian and I dyed my hair to a level 10-11 Platinum Blonde for about 7 years. Throughout that entire period and even now I use Kerastase 



It's great for damaged hair and just hydration in general. When I style my hair I've started using the Agave Healing oil (sold from Sephora) on damp hair prior to blow drying but after my heat protectant. For a finishing oil I personally like Shu Uemura's more than the Kerastase line's Elixir Ultime because I find it to weigh my hair down less.  

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