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Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

Throughout my life, I have always enjoyed thick and healthy hair. I never had any problems with my hair per say. This year, around mid-April, I noticed that my hair was falling out tremendously. I would wash my hair and i would literally end up with a little ball of hair. 

Since April, my hair has not stopped falling out in, what I would say, is an alarming rate. Not only that, but my lashes are now suffering. Do any of you have any recommendations as to what products I can implement to my hair care routine as well as any tips i can do to help with

  1. Hair loss
  2. Dry/Damaged Hair 
  3. Dry Scalp 

Thank you in Advanced!


Re: Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

I have suffered from hair loss twice in my life. The first time it happened after I dropped weight very fast and let myself get alarmingly skinny. The second time it happened about 8 weeks after the flu (the real flu not a cold). I had been running high temperatures for about a week and was very unwell. You have to look back 2-4 months ago and see if there was something going on at that time that would have triggered it. As others have posted such things as a low iron count or thyroid issues are also common triggers of hair loss. Once you have addressed the problem you will find in a matter of weeks things start to slow down and things get back to normal. I suggest using Nioxin hair products which dont claim to stop hair loss but do seem to help a great many people (myself included) and also prep your scalp for new hair growth. See your doctor and have bloodwork done, eat well (lots of fresh fruit/veg and plenty of protein and calcium), exercise and try to not let the hair less stress you out too much. Easier said than done I know. For the vast majority of people this is just a blip and it WILL pass!!

Girls! Use pura d'or argan oil shampoo, you'll never regr...

Girls! Use pura d'or argan oil shampoo, you'll never regret using it!

Re: Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

I agree with earlier posts that it could be a number of things that could be causing your hair loss.  You should see a doctor first to eliminate any possible medical problems ( thyroid, vitamin deficiency, etc) that could be causing it. Once that's done, then you should look into your products and see if any of them are causing allergic reaction.  Nature Made has a hair, nails and skin supplement that works great for hair growth (and makes nails super strong). I wouldn't try anything until you get checked medically.  Best of luck and I hope you find the problem.

Re: Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

I would second what @MCSSavvy said in terms of the causes of hair loss-- they can run the gamut in terms of stress, medications, nutritional issues and so on. The times I've lost hair, it has been a combination of those causes and that's why it can be helpful to see your MD. I lost hair once due to stress, another time due to a bad med reaction, and another time due to low iron and B12 levels combined with stress. I never found that any sort of hair product helped in regrowing my hair (but I never tried that many). I found that taking vitamins (particularly biotin) and focusing on keeping my protein intake up and my general nutrition healthy worked decently for me. I've also heard from some that scalp massage can help but I only did that sporadically while regrowing my hair. The type of hair loss I had was called telogen effluvium and it's very common. My eyelashes weren't affected, though. Best of luck and I hope your hair comes back soon. @XochiltLove

Re: Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

Rapid hair loss could be due to stress, medication, allergies or nutritional deficienies.  If you haven't already, you may want to see your doctor to have tests ran.  

Products you may find helpul - thickening shampoo/conditioner - most salon brands carrying thickening shampoos/conditioners.  Sephora carries Bumble and Bumble which does have a tickening line of shampoo, conditioner and I believe styling products.  I use a different brand that is cruelty free called Kevin Murphy.  If you have a stylist you may ask him/her what he/she recommends.  A salon brand typically is less drying on the hair and will help your hair retain moisutre - particulary since most are color or treatment friendly.  If you do color your hair you may want to refrain until you see you hair begin to grow back in thicker and look and feel healthier.   

Re: Recent Thinning Hair - Help!

Try peppermint oil. I mix it with my shampoo. It needs to be 100% pure and you need to put enough to feel tingling on your scalp. I went to sephora for something like what you need and the girl that end up helping me was a hair dresser so she told me to do that.
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