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Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

My hair is very thick, medium length, and has been color treated many times. I live in Nevada, and as a result, if I let my hair air dry, it is dry as straw and fluffy, no matter what leave-in conditioner I use. But when I go to humid places like San Francisco or New Orleans, suddenly my hair has perfect curls like I used a waving wand. Is there a product I can use to get this effect at home?


This is my hair in Nevada, on a good day: 












And this is my San Francisco hair



I'm fairly young, if that helps anyone answer this question. Thank you!

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

Check out our cleansing conditoner! It's PERFECT for wavy hair and even eliminates a step!


AMIKA - Nice Cream Cleansing Conditioner

RE: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

use miss jessies products

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?


Iles Formula is born for hair like yours. Instantly repairs all hair types, so that dry brittle hair you are speaking of will disappear immediately on the first application of conditioner. The Finishing Serum is a leave in and will deliver sumptuous movement to your air dried hair.

 Read the reviews ... they will convince you. There is a discovery pack not expensive that contains  4 lots of the 3 signature formulas you should use. Shampoo conditioner and finishing serum .

People get addicted to the performance. These formulas deliver sumptuous hair. Tongue4062...


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 09.02.06.png




Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

As a girl from Louisiana, the humidity does "help" the curls.  I am in Texas now and it seems a bit less humid.  I recently tried DevaCurl WaveMaker texture whip product and that has helped.  At night, after I washed my hair, I applied the product in my hair when it is damp, then scrunch while I blow dry.  The next morning, I noticed I had more curls when I tried this:  I scrunched/fluffed up my hair using Verb Sea Spray.  Maybe this will help your hair to be curlier in the dryer climate!  Smiley Happy

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

When you live in dry climates, your hair really needs hydrations!  This is very important especially for curly or wavy hair.  All hair types really.  Its best to choose a product that is hydrating and also that will help to eliminate frizz.  If you have not heard about or tried our Iles Formula Finishing Serum then you definitely should give it a shot.  By the way, your shampoo and conditioner should also be very hydrating as well.  Sometimes your all time favorites aren't necessarily the best for your hair type.  Hope this helps.  

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

And a humidifier, if you don't already use one. Adds moisture to your environment.

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

Oh that's a good idea! I think I have one in my closet!

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

What exact products are you using now? They may be causing the dryness. Also NO hot water, it dries everything out.


I don't color my hair, but it's thick, curly and I live in a very dry/hard water area.


  • Microfiber towel to blot
  • Pureology smooth perfection - I don't lose my curls, it's made to work with the water, so no squeezing out excess, only use a quarter size amount of product, less is more for this brand
  • Every now and then a clarifying shampoo to rid of the hard water buildup
  • Aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner works too, to soften
  • I usually something like a spray detangler, then leave in conditioner, then oil - bumble and bumble hairdressers invisible oil my hair likes, absorbs quickly not greasy
  • Keep a spray bottle of water (I use filteted water) and leave in conditioner and wet hair down, when not washing, can blot excess as needed
  • The bumble and bumblecurl product I use is discontinued, but you could try their new line or Ouidad - made for curly hair based on type of curl, I loosely use their shake and rake technique - all on their own website.


Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

I use Pantene Pro-V cleansing conditioner alone unless my roots are really gross, in which case I just use a little tiny bit of Pantene shampoo on them. Then I usually spray in some Biotera intense smoothing Leave-In Conditioner and let it air dry. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn't, but never as well as it does somewhere else. Thanks for the tips about watering conditioner down for a quick fix, as well as the other recs!

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

Your hair wants and need moisture, that's why your curls look good in humidity!


I would definitely recommend the DevaCurl line. Sephora sells a few kits which are a great place to start:


I think you need to cut out sulfates and silicones and switch to hydrating products. 


Here are some quick instructions on the basics of using DevaCurl products.


Lastly, I would suggest seeing a DevaCurl stylist (you can find one local by using the DevaCurl website). I recently went and she gave me a great cut but more importantly spent an entire hour educating me on how to manage my hair, how to use the DevaCurl products, etc. She even instructed me on how to use the DevaCurl line for days when I want to blow out my hair - who knew?! It was invaluable! 


I'm typing this quickly before I run out but please let me know if you have any questions! Good luck! 

Re: Product to make dry, thick hair curly?

My hair type is similar to yours. Have you tried leaving hair masks overnight? I put them on a few nights a week and then wear a shower cap to bed. It looks kind of ridiculous, but it has helped my dryness and frizz considerably.

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