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Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

I have kind of weird combo hair to match my combo face. My scalp is really dry and itchy and when I scratch it, I get dandruff that gets stuck in my hair so it looks like it snowed on my head. On top of that, my hair itself gets really oily quite quickly. On the days I don't shower the night before, it can look pretty oily to the point where I need to use some dry shampoo before leaving the house.


I tried Phyto's anti dandruff shampoo and while I had mild success with it, it's just too expensive. It's $24 for a TINY bottle and I wouldn't mind spending that much on a shampoo if only it was a regular sized bottle instead of this little dinky  hotel sized bottle.


I'm either looking for a cheaper dandruff shampoo or some kind of scalp treatment that I would use less often than shampooing (maybe once a week or so?) so I wouldn't go through it as quickly. Phyto has a serum that is supposed to help dandruff and I was wondering if anyone has tried that?


What have you guys done for your dandruff? I used regular old Head and Shoulders shampoo for years but it never cured my dandruff entirely.

Re: Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

Depending on hair color, head and shoulders can fade your color quickly. I am having this problem too. I found that eating to much sugar can cause dandruff. Candidia build up in our body will cause hard to get rid of dandruff. I don't know 🤷‍♀️ if that may help, but thought 💭 I'd give some info about it. Also Tea Tree Oil works. Not shampoos,just straight oil put into small spray bottle. And spray on scalpe. It will help too ✨💜

Re: Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength Shampoo is a great one that i use myself! A moisterizeing condishioner will make your hair super soft! I can't tell you how much i love this product!!!



Re: Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

Try looking into Neutrogena's T/Sal Shampoo, it uses salicylic acid to break down flakes and dry areas so they don't just linger on your scalp. There's a couple formulations available, including some for itchy scalp and an extra strength formula.


Another tip I recommend for your itchy scalp, apply a moisturizing conditioner directly to your scalp and letting that sit for a few minutes before rinsing. Try to find a product that contains conditioning and nourishing oils like apricot, almond, shea butter, and mango butter. Things like Josie Maran's Argan Oil can help, but I also like the line It's a 10, especially for their deep conditioning mask.


This way, you're getting to treat the issue with the shampoo, but also help to protect and infuse moisture back into your scalp with the conditioner placement.


Also, try not to use water that's too hot, either warm or even brisk water should be used to rinse. Water that is either too cold or hot will shock your scalp and dry it out more.

Re: Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

Thank you so much for those suggestions! I'll check out the Neutrogena shampoo. It's funny you recommend the It's a 10 line because I discovered their detangling spray a couple of years ago and can't live without it. I'll see if I can find their deep conditioning mask online. I use argan oil on my face at night, but I don't know if I would want to put it on my hair because my hair gets super oily on its own in just one night.


Thanks again!

Re: Product recommendations for dry, itchy scalp with mild dandruff?

The conditioning mask is in a tub and works wonders. I only leave it on for  3 minutes and I can tell a big difference, so I can only imagine how it would work if I left it longer. To avoid it being too heavy on your roots/scalp area, apply it to your ends first then work your way up, "pressing" or "dabbing" product to the area rather than harshly rubbing it in.

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