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Pretty Young Thing..

Hello Girls,


I was out shopping, and ran into this stand they have at the malls! Its about straighteners, and of course the people were persistent to try out the straighteners! So I did ._. and was actually amazed by how good they were! Ive had it for about a week now! and its been straightening my hair really goood! better than the other straighteners I have! Smiley Very Happy Its called Pretty Young Thing! I got the Rose leopard one! original price is $300 dollars but I got it $175 and they added in this hair serum called Herstyler, Smells sooo good. Ive used it couple of times, but it dont compare to my Chi silk infusion Smiley Very Happy. Have any of you heard of this brand? 


Heres a picture of it

Re: Pretty Young Thing..

Just make sure you hold on to ALL of that paperwork. A friend of mine had a problem with hers, she had to prove the guarentee. ( one rep said that they don't do that)  she contacted customer service, she had to send in her straightener, they kept in touch with her and replaced it. So the Customer Service was fantastic, just hold onto all paperwork. lol

Re: Pretty Young Thing..

Oh Yea! But ill most likely buy another one, thats just how i am.. im always buying stuff, even when i know dayum well i dont need it lol


Re: Pretty Young Thing..

OHHH yes, the PYT straightener!!! I got one at the mall also and I'm very happy with it. Mine did come with a lifetime guarantee. They also tried to sell me everything else for extreme prices. For the straightener stand, they said it cost $30.00, (aw c'mon, really????) but where I was purchasing the straightener I could get it for $20.00, I came back with how "bout $10.00? Sold!!!! Also bought the PYT Argon Oil Replenishing Mask. I like that too.

About 2 years later I'm in another mall and they pull me over to try to do hair and sell me the same product. I keep telling them I already have one, they do my hair anyway. (it was slow and they were training someone) Now they tried to sell me a Herstyler Kit. it included Shampoo, Conditioner and the Serum for $60.00. No thank you. I ended up ordering the exact same kit on amazon for $15.00. And I LOVE it!!!!!!   OHHH MsStacey!!!! I also got the Herstyler serum separately from the kit on Amazon for about $8.00. I have used the Chi before too, and my hair lately has been better with the Herstyler stuff.  And as Andy said, TJ Max, Marshalls, always check them out for great prices, they even have Chi products from time to time. xoxo

Re: Pretty Young Thing..

mine also has a lifetime guarantee  Smiley Very Happy its amazing! idk i think the chi silk works better for my hair than the herstyler  Lol.. 

Smiley Happy

Re: Pretty Young Thing..

We have a new TJ max out our mall but ive never gone in haha! it works great for my hair, im glad i purchased it lol!

Re: Pretty Young Thing..

Those straighteners are everywhere! I have an HSI one and my sister has a herstyler and they're exactly the same. I think they're just the same straightener with different names and labels. You can find a bunch of these at Marshalls or TJ Maxx

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