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Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

I've had long hair all my life (I'm 23) and have always wanted short hair, but never had the courage to do it... until a couple of days ago! I cut all my blonde hair off and got a short pixie cut with some bangs.


Today I realized I have no idea how to style it. When I had long hair, I literally did nothing to it. I let it air dry and I never used any styling products in it. Not even hairspray.


I went to Target and Sephora yesterday and bought the following stuff on a whim:

Blowdryer (my first one ever!)

Bedhead Manipulator

Bumble & Bumble thickening hair spray, styling creme, straight blow dry, and sumotech


So far I'm enjoying the messy, just woke up look but I'm looking to experiment. I'd like to get some ideas from women who have had pixie cuts about their favorite styles and/or products to use. For the record, my hair is a step above fine but not super coarse and it was naturally wavy when it was long but not so much now. I also have a really severe cowlick which makes the front of my hair stick up in a poof (you know Conan O'Brien's famous hair? my cowlick was like that with long hair).


I'm just in really new territory here and would love some advice!

Re: Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

Hi! Nice Information. I like it. Smiley Happy For more amazing pixie hairstyles visit this link


Re: Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

One thing you could do is get a texturizing spray.  That way, you can create more of a piecy look to the hair.

Re: Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

You've got some great products to work with, kudos for an awesome start!


The key with those products is not over-doing it, too much product, especially with waxes, creams, and pomades can weigh down pixie hair cuts and even make your hair look matted and greased.


To avoid this, start with a large pearl or dime sized amount to product, work both hands with product together, rubbing your palms so product is spread from fingers and palms. Start from the middle/back portion of your hair and distribute product, letting your palms come in contact with hair and using your fingers to shape and direct product to the front ends where you can play with direction and piecing more.


If you have a flat iron, try to go over your cowlick before styling, straightening it in a smoother direction so you don't have to fight with it, you can also use your blow dryer and a comb to apply heat and smooth it down.


You can try an assortment of twisting/piecing hair toward the front to give a more distinct, textured style, or lightly tousseling the front for a softer, more disshelved look.


To give a smoother look, avoid using heavy products, try a lighter weight cream or even a mousse that you can utilize with your blow dryer. Work with smaller round brushes to change the direction of hair while keeping things smooth and sleek.


If you want a slick, fashion forward/bolder look, take a shine inducing gel and work it on hair that is slightly dampened and smooth it down with a side part. This is also great when your pixie is growing out.


Google images of celebs like Shanyn Sossamon (though she's rocked all sorts of lengths, her shorter/pixie hair do was super quirky if you want fun ideas), Michelle Williams, Pink, and Emma Watson.


Perfect for a softer/smoother look tht still has body.


Slicked, but not overdone, a nice polished look that's simple.


Fun, quirky, youthful, and playful, this allows you to play with twisting and spiking the hair more.


Changing up the direction of hair allows for more of a rebellious look, and can also make your cowlick play nice!

Re: Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

Wow, thank you so much for all the great advice! I'm having a lot of fun playing with my hair and experimented with a faux hawk like Pink yesterday, which was kind of great. My cowlick actually works in my favor with that since it provides me with most of the lift I need to make it work.


I'm going to be looking at lots of pictures of those ladies to get some inspiration. My long hair was so boring so it's refreshing to be able to cut loose and not be afraid to try something different.


Thanks again! Smiley Happy

Re: Pixie haircut styling ideas & products?

My pleasure, girlie! Smiley Very Happy


Kudos to you for making the dramatic plunge to hack off your hair!


Keep having fun with it!

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