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Pixie cut

Hey lovelies Smiley Happy

So I've been contemplating for a long time now on getting a Pixie hair cut. I would want something a bit razored in the back so I could **bleep** it if I wanted and then long layered bangs in the front. Im not talking like past my chin long type of bang, but lower the my eyebrow across my forehead type bang. I wanted to see if any of you have gotten this hair cut and what you think about it. I have thick hair so that could be something that could make it look different and suitable for me...but who know?! What are the pro's and cons ladies? Smiley Happy Oh p.s.! I currently have about shoulder length hair Smiley Happy Thank you!

Re: Pixie cut

Thats a great point to make! Smiley Happy 

Re: Pixie cut

I am on Month 16 of growing out my pixie cut, and it's just now grazing the tip of my collar.  I have had so many people say it was a great cut on me, so I would be I'll go back to it at some point.  My advice?  Get a picture of a style you like from all sides, take it to your stylist, and make sure they can do it exactly like it.  Be prepared to get a trim every 3-4 weeks to maintain its shape.  I missed ponytails and having options of styles but growing it out is NOT easy.  

Re: Pixie cut

I am growing out a pixie cut right now. I decided I wanted to do something fun with my hair before I finished school. I had long very red hair before. I loved my pixie but it took a lot of up-keep and I'm in a wedding in October so I'm trying to grow it out.

P.S. Ignore the old VHS tape in the background! Lol!000_1612.JPG

Re: Pixie cut

Very pretty! and I LOVE the purple in your hair!! Smiley Happy plus the VHS tapes in the back haha! I have a stakc like that atking up way to much room at my house too Smiley Tongue

Re: Pixie cut

The cut was easy to style & take care of.  It was super fun too. I found I had to get it trimmed every couple of weeks which wasn't too bad. The colour was the thing that had the most up-keep but the cut itself was awesome.  I think a pixie will really compliment the shape of your face.

Re: Pixie cut

I got a pixie about nine months ago and it was absolutely lovely! I got mine cut very short in the back with bangs across my forehead and trimmed it myself when the back started to grow out. My hair grows super, SUPER fast though, so despite my best efforts of chopping and razoring, it's true pixie glory didn't last long, which can definitely be a con because the growing out phase is awkward looking. Right now I have this somewhat silly looking mane like that falls to the top of my spine and is very choppy.


Basically, if you think you'll look good, go for it! The only forseeable problem will be getting trims and such and growing it out if you ever want to.

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