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Pixie cut

Hey lovelies Smiley Happy

So I've been contemplating for a long time now on getting a Pixie hair cut. I would want something a bit razored in the back so I could **bleep** it if I wanted and then long layered bangs in the front. Im not talking like past my chin long type of bang, but lower the my eyebrow across my forehead type bang. I wanted to see if any of you have gotten this hair cut and what you think about it. I have thick hair so that could be something that could make it look different and suitable for me...but who know?! What are the pro's and cons ladies? Smiley Happy Oh p.s.! I currently have about shoulder length hair Smiley Happy Thank you!

Re: Pixie cut

Awww, thank you so much. <3


If you get one you have to post pics! I love seeing pixie cuts on other people. Smiley Happy

Re: Pixie cut

For most of my life I had long hair. As I got older I started expirementing and cutting it shorter, but never shorter than about above my shoulders. I couldn't ever really decide which I perfered longer or shorter hair. After that I started growing it out again because I wanted to donate some to Locks of Love. Pretty recently I got 12 inches chopped off, and I love it! Its not a pixie cut, but it's the shortest my hair has been (especially in the back). It's so much easier to maintain, takes way less time to style, and way less time to dry. I do on occasion miss my long hair because I loved braiding! It looks like you would look great with a pixie cut! Think of it this way, if you don't like it you can always grow it back out. ( :

Re: Pixie cut

I would love to grow it out in motivation to donate it for locks of love! I adore that idea <3

Re: Pixie cut



My boyfriend was out of town when I got the haircut. All I sent him was this picture. He kind of freaked out and thought I was bald. Haha.

Re: Pixie cut

If your hair is thick, the more layers, the better, this will break up the look and thin down the texture so the cut isn't so dense and compact around your face.


Razoring can be damaging on hair if the proper tools aren't used or if the razors/shears are dull, as with the razoring technique it goes aginst the strands of the hair rather than across. It'll be crucial to be sure your hair is properly conditioned and treated after and to maintain overall health.


Lreagan posted a thread not long ago about her pixie cut where I gave tips on styling and different reference photos you might find helpful if you decide to take the plunge:


Here are also some more reference photos for longer/razored pixie cuts!






RE: Re: Pixie cut


Re: Pixie cut

Thank you ever so much for the reference and photos! Very big help Smiley Happy

Re: Pixie cut

My pleasure!

Re: Pixie cut

I think you should totally do it! I peeked at your pics, and looks like you have a great facial structure to pull it off. Blonde goes great with pixie cuts. I used to have spikey short hair (above ears) about 5 years ago. Very manageable, and easy to style. Although I did miss my locks and started to grow it out. The grow out phase isn't as bad as everyone says it is. Just style it different with barrets, pins, headbands, etc when you decide to grow it out IF you go short. The PROS: easy to manage, dries quicker, stylish, great for the summer when its hot. The CONS: Occasionally I got mistaken for a boy (depends on clothing), there will be periods of remorse (missing your longer locks), frequent trims to keep the shape.

I don't think I will EVER go back to having a spikey "porcupine" like hairstyle, but would consider the pixie cut Smiley Wink


RE: Re: Pixie cut

I'm an idiot and replied to the wrong post: What pics are you referring to? Back ("way back") when Q&A was still around, people would ask about shade matches and get answers, despite not having profile info or looks (that I saw). I guess I'm missing something?

Re: Pixie cut

Thank you for saying I have the "face shape" for it, that was very kind of you Smiley Happy I did cut it into a dramatic bob about two years ago and its taking FOREVER to grow out! But Im just not a big styling hair girl. Its a pain in my keaster and is so expensive to keep up with the cost of highlights and dye....ugh. I am MUCH more of a makeup girl haha.  However Im in theater and as crazy as it sounds, having long hair can be better for you :/ Oh well. But anyways, thank you for the advice and Ill be sure to post pics if I do it! Smiley Happy 

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