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Pixie With Cowlick in front

I am wanting to cut my hair off into a pixie or something like it. ( I have really thick hair and would like some relief this summer form the heat) I also have a round face and a cowlick in the front. My question is will this work? Or does anyone have a better idea?8845_Straight-Short.jpg

Re: Pixie With Cowlick in front

IMG_20130702_193613.jpgThis is what I ended up doing, I really like it, Thanks for the input everyone!

Re: Pixie With Cowlick in front


i think this is cute also

Re: Pixie With Cowlick in front

Hi Vampireladybug,


It could be cute on you. I have similar features and thick hair and a round face. I've been told that pixies do not look good on rounder faces however, I don't think you should always listed to 'rules' in fashion.


You also might want to try a 'Lob' which is a long version of a bob. It not the classic kind of bob, it has a bit more edge to it (one side is slightly longer). You can do some google searches online to pull up imagesSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
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