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Opalex ruined my life

I am never one to take time and write reviews especially bad ones but BUYER BEWARE,  After reading hundreds of reviews about the allergic reaction others have had as well,  I am confident I will be filing a lawsuit against this company.  My Scalp has never felt this awful in my whole life with a severe constant burning/itching sensation.  This has really taken a toll on me, I am not able to even function anymore because the itching is so bad at times I cannot control it.  This product SHOULD NOT BE ON THE MARKET!  It is GARBAGE, and A Complete SCAM they must have come up with during COVID to try and take advantage of ppl.  There were only good fake reviews in the beginning and NOW the truth is coming out.  I am so Angry about what this product has done to me.  

Re: Opalex ruined my life

Sorry about your allergic reaction but olaplex has been around for years before covid and it was the only reason i was able to dye my black hair bleach blonde years ago, and recently it has saved my dried wind-damaged hair from hiking & sun damage. Olaplex obviously doesn't work for everyone and you have a right to sue, but don't say it's a scam. It is not a scam. And this review isn't fake. I love olaplex! 

Re: Opalex ruined my life

What are you talking about? A specific product or the entire brand? You didn't specify in your product review. Olaplex has been around since 2014. They have proprietary rights that were created to aid chemical processing without permanent damage to hair by preventing and repairing disulfide bonds.
I don't doubt that you have sensitive skin and an allergy to a product you've used. Unless you've been to a dermatologist you don't 100% know what caused it.
BTW, COVID-19 is a virus that can kill you and if it doesn't, it more than likely will cause chronic health problems. I know this bc it happened to me after contracting mono, caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, as a Junior in HS in 1997.
I'm 41 now, with no friends, spouse or chance to have my own family. I now have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, ME, plus several debilitating autoimmune conditions that have left me house bound, bedbound with my retired mom as my caregiver.
Due to this pandemic I've had to stay isolated since Jan 2020. It's a living hell I wouldn't wish on anyone. Please try to find some empathy for others whose entire lives have been ruined by the preventable death of a loved one. Hoping you & your loved ones stay healthy & happy.

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