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Olaplex severe allergic reaction






I’ve bought the whole line of olaplex from n.0 to n.9 after reading all the great reviews. I’ve tried each and every product together. 


I’ve never gotten an allergic reaction before in my life which made me think I wasn’t allergic to anything until I used olaplex. I’ve only used their product twice and immediately knew it was the hair products that gave me the reaction because it was the only new thing I included to my routine. 


It was horrid. My scalp was bumpy, my face, chest, arms including my finger and leg either had hives or was supper swollen. The joints on my wrist, fingers and toes were so inflamed I couldn’t move it without pain. 

I had to be hospitalized because my throat was getting puffy and it was getting hard to breathe. I had to be prescribed medicine and cream for my face (from all the hives) by my doctor. 

I was sick for almost 2 weeks! 

has anyone else experienced something like this? 

Re: Olaplex severe allergic reaction

Absolutely, yes!  I purchased a bottle of Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo from my hairdresser back in December 2023. I only used it twice before getting rid of the rest of it.

The last time I used it several days ago, I woke up the next morning with red welts all over my face and swelling around my eyes where my hair must have touched during the night when I was sleeping.


Never again will I buy anything made by this Company. I looked at the list of ingredients on the back of the bottle and I don’t like what I see. There are tons of chemicals in this crap in addition to the natural things like rosemary leaf extract. People with sensitive skin should definitely stay away from their products.

Re: Olaplex severe allergic reaction

Yes! I’ve been wondering what on earth it is that is causing a rash in my neck that won’t go away and the only thing I can think of is the Olaplex. I have allergies to a few things, however but nothing this persistent. I’m going to stop using Olaplex and hope it gets better


it started around the time I started using it 


Thanks for sharing. I was googling allergic reaction to Olaplex and that’s when I found your post


Hope you are ok now 

Re: Olaplex severe allergic reaction

After doing the hair repair kit once, my forearms broke out in severe hives. It’s been five days of treating it. My wedding is in two weeks so I’m worried. Huge inflamed bumps up my arms and neck. I don’t typically have allergic reactions so this must be common as I see it mentioned many times in a google search. I heard this product was banned in Europe and that the company is super secretive about the ingredients. Olaplex Vibrant Shine Healthy Hair Kit @Olaplex #olaplex 

Re: Olaplex severe allergic reaction

Olaplex and Hair Loss? group on facebook!!!! You are not alone!

Re: Olaplex severe allergic reaction

@redOGT  I’m so sorry you had an allergic reaction. I know what that’s like, though my reaction wasn’t caused by any Olaplex products. (I was—might still be—allergic to benzoyl peroxide, and I discovered that decades ago.) Your histamine reaction was worse than mine; I’m glad you got to a hospital for treatment! Severe allergic reactions are no joke. 

It’s possible for anyone to become allergic at any age to nearly any ingredient. I mean, benzoyl peroxide of all things? A friend of mine is allergic to algae and can’t use any skincare products containing it in any form, including carrageenan. In your case, I hope doctors can help you narrow down which Olaplex product contains the offending ingredient so you’ll know to avoid it in all other products. 

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