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Olaplex damage

I started using Olaplex 3 months ago. Everyone was raving about it and my hair stylist also suggested it for my color treated hair. I wasn’t impressed by the heavy feeling left on my hair after shampooing and conditioning but decided to keep using it. I also started using No. 3 deep conditioning treatment. I liked the way my hair felt after using it once a week. My hair began feeling extra dry. I noticed a lot of breakage on top of my head after a couple weeks of using these three products. I kept using the Olaplex for the next two months hoping things would turn around. I was really confused. I bought expensive hair vitamins, set my flat iron to 240 and bought a silk pillow case and a wet brush. I’ve never seen my hair look as bad as it does now. I have done everything to stop the breakage and nothing is working. The only thing I changed about my normal hair routine was using Olaplex. I know that Olaplex is the reason for my hair breaking and hair line receding.  My hair has never looked this awful. I had to get 3 inches cut off of my shoulder length hair, now it’s so short and I hate it. I’ve spent so much money on deep conditioning to try to repair it. I’ve also been using Nioxin shampoo conditioner and leave in scalp treatment. My hair stylist said I had so much breakage that I was going to go bald. I am completely traumatized and depressed about my hair now. I hate Olaplex!!!

Re: Olaplex damage

I went through this last summer. 12 months later and many, many haircuts and my hair is finally looking like my head of hair again. Takes time unfortunately. My damage was permanent and treatments didn’t help. 4k in bloodwork, gastro workup and medical checkup - nothing obvious. Only change for me was using Olaplex. Google Trust Pilot. Lots of upset women there too. I was more depressed about this situation then some of my break ups lol. 

Re: Olaplex damage

I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I had a very similar experience. I had breakage for the first time in March 2021 I think? I was 44 at the time. And I’ve always had what my hair dresser described as very healthy with the thickest pony tail she’s ever seen. Anyway.. everyone also recommend olaplex to me. So of course I bought the entire line. 0-7 besides the professional 1-2. Used it twice a week for 2 weeks then suddenly my hair was shedding in clumps. Long story short, I lost about 65% of my hair. I’ve been to every dr you can regarding hair. A couple dermatologists, an endocrinologist, 2 Rhumatologist’s, my primary.. In 2021 I was poked and prodded with every single blood test known to man. I’m very healthy except a low positive ANA.. which means auto immune. However, the rest of the AI tests are all negative so a false positive is likely. I searched high and low for olaplex causing hair loss   The only place I could find it at that time was actually here in a Sephora thread. So I know that’s the culprit as they described my exact experience. Then I read more and more people w my experience. So here I am. A year and a half later… I’ve tried EVERYTHING.. my hair stopped shedding maybe 9-10 months in. But regrowth? Eh.. not too much. And my hair is thinner now as well. It sucks and caused me serious emotional damage through all of it. The countless hours worrying, researching, everything! A very dark period of my life. Still on going but it gets better. I still research. But I guess have gained a little more acceptance and just do everything I can to combat it.  Currently I take oral minoxidil, spirolactone, nutrofol woman’s balance multi, Irestore professional helmet, microneedling w a dr pen w a minoxidil, tretinoin, finisteride compound once every week or two.. I use nizoral shampoo, Irestore shampoo and conditioner, it’s a 10 hair mask. Kendra gold leave in conditioner, hask argan oil, art naturals argan  shampoo and conditioner. The money I’ve spent could feed a small country. But when you’ve gone your whole life being told how beautiful your hair is, then this happens? Panic sets in. At least for me it did. So that’s a normal reaction. But remember.. stress and anxiety also cause it. So try your best to keep calm. Although easier said than done. So many products make claims. So I’ve started following some YouTubers. Dr. Drey.. I’ve also started reading dr Donovan’s blog. Hair specialist out of BC Canada. He seems to be the only dr on the planet that looks for the root cause of your hairloss.. all the rest just throw minoxidil at you.. no concern for the cause. I stopped blow drying also. Which also sucks. But what am I gonna do. The hair still breaks. I used to have some stretch to my hair but after olaplex it just snaps now. Oh. I also use biolage hair detangling conditioner. It’s got a ton of slip so you can easily brush without breakage. And of course a wet brush is a miracle worker. I again am sorry you’re going through this. I know exactly what you’re going through. Oh! One more thing. I also search all treatments and stuff on Reddit. All companies make claims and have false reviews. So that’s where I go to see the truth. Good luck to you. 🙏🏼

Re: Olaplex damage

I have been using Olaplex products for over a year now.  I have always had a negative ANA however, one very smart Rheumatologist did a more advanced test on me because I started losing clumps of hair before I ever tried Olaplex.  One simple but expensive blood test, a “Double-Stranded Anti-DNA Antibodies” came back positive for Lupus. It is the gold standard test for systemic Lupus.  Miy titres were sky high so after I was properly treated for Alopecia caused by Lupus, the hair stopped thinning.  Just wanted to share that with you in case you notice other symptoms of Lupus, such as fatigue. Good luck either way!!! Be blessed!

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