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Olaplex completely ruined my beautiful thick curly hair

Hello beautiful people,


I wish I came across this forum when I was researching this product...smfh... I HAD beautiful long thick curly ( 3C/4A) hair. My hair was absolutely natural and healthy. Barely any split ends. I purchased Olaplex shampoo and conditioner because I had plans to have my hair bleached and wanted to take extra precautions because of the damage bleach can do. I only used it three, maybe four times between March and May of this year. As I normally co wash my hair but I use regular shampoo when I am blowing my hair straight. Which I don't do often. The very last time I used it, a few days later I noticed an intense chemical smell coming from my scalp.I can only describe the smell as that of a relaxer. The smell became stronger by the day. Trying to get the smell out, I ended up using the Olaplex shampoo again... Next thing I realize the smell was getting stronger and I noticed my hair wasn't curling. AT ALL. I go to detangle my hair and the amount of hair that came out was ALARMING! I totally freaked out and contacted Olaplex customer Service via online chat. Cant say they were very helpful and I demanded an actual rep call me. I explained everything to him and he suggested I return the product and they will have the bottles sent to a lab for testing ( bad idea) ... Never heard back... Great customer Service... 


In the meantime, I started experiencing scalp irritation and pain. I sought medical attention Twice. I had CHEMICAL BURNS to my scalp! My Beautiful curly hair is completely straight from the root to about half the length of my hair, I have incredible breakage , And my hair has NOT STOPPED  FALLING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not natural shedding hair. Chunks of my hair!!! 


This has been going on since MAY 3rd. And here it is August 11th and my hair is STILL FALLING OUT! I am assuming it is hair continuing to break off, as my new growth in coming in but hair is getting thinner and thinner. the new growth against the "relaxed" hair looks crazy. My curls are not coming back. My scalp has since healed. However. the damage to my hair is so much that I absolutely have to cut ALL MY HAIR OFF. Which I am not mentally prepared to do just yet. But I know it is necessary for the healthiest hair regrowth. So I made my first step and chopped half of it off yesterday...


This has affected my self esteem, it has caused me depression, anxiety. And I've become very anti social....


Has anyone sought any legal advise? Or thinking about seeking legal advice??? 


Please reply to me if so...


Re: Olaplex completely ruined my beautiful thick curly hair

So sorry you’re going through this. Terrible 😢 

Re: Olaplex completely ruined my beautiful thick curly hair

I’m actually considering it - the legal issue. I’m devastated and I still haven’t found a solution where someone says their hair is coming back 

Re: Olaplex completely ruined my beautiful thick curly hair

Hi, I’m sorry this happened to you as well! 
I am never one to take time and write reviews especially bad ones but after  reading hundreds of reviews about the allergic reaction others have had as well,  I am confident I will be filing a lawsuit against this company.  My Scalp has never felt this awful in my whole life with a severe constant burning/itching sensation.  This has really taken a toll on me, I am not able to even function anymore because the itching is so bad at times I cannot control it.  This product SHOULD NOT BE ON THE MARKET!  It is GARBAGE, and A Complete SCAM they must have come up with during COVID to try and take advantage of ppl.  There were only good fake reviews in the beginning and NOW the truth is coming out.  I am so Angry about what this product has done to me

Re: Olaplex completely ruined my beautiful thick curly hair


Olaplex products have been on the market since 2013, until recently only available at salons, but it's not a scam, Covid or otherwise.  It was created by Craig Jon Harker, a world renowned scientist, recognized as one of the world's most cited chemists from 1992-2010, not some dodgy fly by night kitchen scientist.  Brands want to make money, not defraud or harm their consumers and while I don't doubt negative experiences or bad reactions, the continued success and expansion of the Olaplex line is due it's happy customer base, not fake reviews.  I'm not an influencer and I don't work in the beauty industry, I work in financial services, and I've used the Olaplex shampoo and conditioner for at least a year with no issues. I'm sorry you had a very different experience but it's not because the creator of Olaplex is targeting buyers.  

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