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Olaplex blocks moisture from hair?

So i have been trying to Crack how to use olaplex to its full potential for about 3 to 4 months now. Im using olaplex no3, the shampoo,  conditioner,  bonding oil and leave-in conditioner.

While using olaplex during these months I've noticed that its alot harder for my hair mask, leave-in conditioner (not olaplex) and my hair oil (not olaplex) to penetrate my hair. I have to use a lot more of these products than usual. I have relaxed thick hair.


Ive reached out to olaplex representatives and several salons that are certified to use olaplex to find out how it works on relax hair. All of them say the same thing "olaplex works for all hair types". Im here to tell you that this is Not true. Yes, it works on all hair types but it does not work the same way on all hair types. 


As you know, someone who has thin hair does not need as much moisture in their hair as someone that has thick hair. Which means someone who has thin hair might not have these issues with olaplex.


According to some hair stylist that I have spoken to, olpaex has a low ph level. Since it has a low ph level it closes the hairshaft. This is why your hair is smooth after using olaplex. This also prevents products from entering the hair. This will explain why some hair stylist say when coloring hair with olaplex it takes a lot longer for the color to penetrate. This makes perfect sense. All of this explains why my hair is breaking off and why I'm finding myself moisturizing my hair more than usual. 


I really wish that olaplex would explain the difference on how their product works on different hair types. They need to explain if you have thick hair, you may not need the entire line. Stop saying that olaplex cannot damage your hair. If olaplex makes it harder for the hair to retain moisture then YES olaplex can damage your hair. I dont care how much bonding you do, if the hair is not moisturized then the hair will break. Olapex also needs to give tips how to dilute it if its too strong for the hair, like using a pea size amout of olaplex and mixing it with a hydrating shampoo or conditioner. 


So what am I going to do? I'm going to continue to test this out by using the olaplex no3 and a dime size amount of the shampoo my mixing it with a ultra hydrating shampoo. Ditch the olaplex conditioner, leave-in conditioner and the bonding oil and hope that works. If it doest work then ill only use the no3. Finally if that doesn't work then I'm done with olaplex all together. 


Let me know if you have any issues with retaining moisture in your hair after starting an olaplex journey. Do you have thick relaxed hair like me? How did you correct the issue? Are you a hair stylist that has run into issues with olaplex? Please note that I am fully aware that olaplex is not a hydrating treatment it is only a bonding treatment. I also know that moisture needs to be put back into the hair after using it. The point that I'm trying to make is if you have thick hair, im finding that i need to use more moisturizer than usual or my hair will break off.

Re: Olaplex blocks moisture from hair?


I really did not want to respond, I desperately wanted to scroll past - but there is so much false info in your post. This is a prime example of why I stopped posting here, it feels like work and not fun, sigh. 

Where did you reach out to “Olaplex Representatives”?. Did you email them? As a member of the public, your only access to an Olaplex Educator is on FB or IG on the Olaplex page and you wouldn’t know you were speaking to one unless they identified themselves to you as such. I’m baffled because they certainly wouldn’t give you the information you shared. 

Your hair being relaxed has nothing to do with how Olaplex performs other then No.3 is going to work over time to rebuild those broken disulphide bonds destroyed during the relaxing process. 

When the hair stylists were talking about the PH of olaplex - they were referring to the professional only products and not the products available for the public to purchase. I will not get into why the PH of the professional products is lower but rest assured, the PH of the RETAIL Olaplex products which you own is not acidic but neutral. 

Moisture - human hair is made of 95% keratin and 5 % moisture and other goodies. Olaplex has nothing to do with moisture or keratin and it certainly doesn’t block either. However, if you are using the products incorrectly that’s another story. 
No.3 is applied to damp hair before washing and left on up to 15 mins, shampoo out and follow with a moisture or protein treatment. 

I think I have covered everything. 

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