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Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Has anyone experience excessive shedding of hair after Olaplex 3 treatment??

I thought it was a coincidence the 1st time, but it happened after the 2nd and 3rd tx.

I used it weekly x 3, and the hair loss after the 3rd treatment is noticeable.

I will not use it again (and only used about 2/3 of 1 bottle).

No hair scalp itch or redness, to suggest an allergic reaction. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I think you have provided very nice treatment oil I guess for it that would be very good ...

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

OMG. I’m not crazy!! Any bonding hair stuff makes my hair awful.  Possibly a chemical reaction with my water. Idk. But something happened. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Hey everyone, I want to update you:

My hairloss started in the beginning of November literally washing out the Olaplex in the shower. I only used it twice, once per week. and I had hairloss and a lot in the beginning 170+ hairs a day, then at some point went down to 120-150 hairs a day. I used the 2 clarifying shampoos from tresemme that I posted here before in each shower and then mid December as suddenly as it started the hairloss stopped! 


For 1.5 weeks my hair completely stopped falling out and also it felt 'saver' and better in terms of in my scalp, like something just changed. I never had covid before, but then got Covid over Christmas even though I didn't see people or anything. Really mild case, light fever in the first night and 2 days of body ache... but then on the 3rd day of my covid isolation my hair started falling out again! And I was like what the .... that was honestly the worst part of covid for me, but it only lasted for a week! So that stopped completely now since then thank god. 


I did move on from the clarifying shampoos (used it for 1 month, I wished I should've used it directly) to the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner I'm attaching here. And I'm also using the Shu Umera Hair Oil which is really amazing and not crazy oily, like the hair really soaks it up and it makes it super soft. Def recommend that one. I posted it here before. 


I also was in contact with a clinic called  regenerative medicine la and they treat hairloss as well as other things cause I didn't know how long this episode of hairloss which was triggered by covid would last now, but they were booked until Feb and it stopped so I never went but they got some amazing treatments for hairloss. That would've been my next step because I already lost 25-30% of my hair... 


I also believe that people who had it 1-2 years ago are not here anymore because their hairloss stopped and I assume that our hair will eventually grow back. I wish you all the very best!




Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 4.47.47 PM.png



Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Nope! I used olaplex for a long time 18 months ago. My hair has never gone back to normal… It has stopped fallowing out after one year! And only when I started strictly using no protein products. At least that’s what I think that helped… but maybe it was just TIME… 1 year!

I have tried every possible product to fix my hair after olaplex damaged but hair never went back to normal. The texture has changed permanently… I have beautiful few inches of new hair that has grown since then, the rest is still crazy, dry and unmanageable… 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Using clarifying shampoo and super moisture products, no protein, and little to no heat has helped the texture of my hair feel semi normal again after 2.5 months but my hair is still falling out from the root at least double what I would think is normal

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I was thinking the same thing… that the reason why none of the old posters will answer us about if their hair recovered is because once it did they stopped checking this page.


i went to the dermatologist finally she does not believe that it is from olaplex. She said that she really just believes it’s TE from stress and lack of sleep. I guess either is possible at this point; I definitely will never use olaplex again …. But maybe it is just a coincidence…


Either way, the derm is pretty confident my hair will grow back so at this point I’m just hoping she’s right and trying to have some patience 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Were you experiencing stress and lack of sleep before your sudden and severe hair loss? I am almost completely back to normal hair fall after using the clarifying shampoo and acv. I will probably be in wigs for a couple years. No sign of any hair growing back. The hair I'm left with is terrible and obviously can't color it at all. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Honestly I am having a hard time pin pointing when the hair loss actually started and when i actually noticed it … it’s all so hard to think back on …. I definitely was noticing more hair in the shower, but I chalked it up to I was going longer between washes and that my hair length was longer than it has ever been. I kept thinking my hair was thinning but when I would ask people they would say I was crazy and it was all in my head that it is normal to shed hair. It wasn’t until I found a bald spot that I realized I wasn’t crazy…. This was probably the first week of December. Since then I notice so much hair fair when I  brush my hair/shower. I am not sure even what normal hair fall is for me anymore. I have been struggling with severe insomnia since July/Aug but I am on new medicine for the last month that is helping greatly. I’m just hoping this nightmare ends soon I am so scared it’s not going to stop 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Good to hear your hair has improved!


Did you ever experience an oily scalp after using Olaplex? Also, did you experience any form of dandruff after Olaplex?


I am experiencing an oily scalp and “dandruff” after using Olaplex. I have never had dandruff in my life, neither having an oily scalp hours after washing my hair. It seems to not be going away, and it’s been 8 weeks since I’ve used Olaplex. I even tried clarifying shampoo for 2 weeks. I lose about 170 hairs when I wash my hair, which is not normal for me. Not sure what to do anymore.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I noticed that the top part of my crown would feel as if I hadn't rinsed my hair properly and it would constantly itch. I started paying attention to that area when washing my hair but nothing helped. This was before I realized Olaplex was causing me so many issues. On top of this my hair lost all its waves and would just hang like cobwebs, absolutely no movement, no matter what I did. It got thinner and thinner and then the fun began, it started to break off at an alarming rate. I have been messing with my hair since middle school and I am now 61 and nothing like this has ever happened to me. After numerous doctor appointments and massive blood work without any medical condition detected, I could only come to the conclusion it was this product. My daughter was blessed with beautiful ringlets and even she started to complain that her curls weren't the same using Olaplex. I told her to throw the stuff away. I know some people have kept their products in case someone starts a class action suit. I'm still confused as to why my hair and not all the reviewers who love this product. The one thing I am sure about is there are many, many women out there who have experienced the exact same thing I have and that cannot be a coincidence.  

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Yes yes and yes. I’m confident the olaplex started it.  It started literally as I was rinsing my hair out. 
I was in complete shock. And it wouldn’t stop! 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Are you also experiencing a very oily scalp with dandruff? What are you symptoms?

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I never noticed an oily scalp after using olaplex,nor dandruff but I only used it twice and I usually wash my hair every 3-4 days, but I did wash it less during my hairloss because I lost insane amounts washing my hair... so maybe only every 5days and kept it in a bun during the rest of the time. My hairloss lasted nearly 2 months, I don't know if there's a difference depending on how long or often the olaplex products were used but I wouldn't be surprised if there might be more product sitting on the hair or scalp that it will take longer to resolve.


I never had any kind of issue like this in my life, I'm not allergic against anything. I lived for 12 years between the middle eats and Asia, from the deserts to the jungles, I had all sorts of viruses, infections and what not, I use birth control since decades and never had an issue with hairloss ever, I live in the US now. I used to use Olaplex years ago and had no issues, but I did think maybe they changed the formulation or maybe something went wrong in the production and we got a bad batch, who knows. My hair literally started falling out at the root the day in the shower when I used it first this time, and in some areas my hair is literally broken off at the ends and way shorter than it actually was. I'd be very surprised if it's something else than that especially reading everyones very similar experiences. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I used just 3 times and hair started breaking off and falling out!  I only have used Joico & Oribe products last few years. It was the ONLY thing new I tried. And I too wash every 4-5 days, so the first time, didn't really do anything, the second time felt stripped, the 3rd time OBVIOUS damage and hair loss starting.


It's been about 2 months now since I've used. And like everyone else trying EVERYTHING to try to repair the damage and stop it from getting worse... Luckily I have a LOT of hair, it's fine but there's a lot of it. 


Yes, there needs to be a class action law suit! The complaints go back YEARS... so I don't think it was a bad batch. 


And I still have the bottle, would be interesting to have it tested... 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I still kept the bottle as well! And I kept my fallen out hair, too as evidence lol and because it pissed me off so much if no lawsuit happens I might just send it to Olaplex and be like 'look what you've done'


I have thin hair, too but as well A LOT of it! honestly no one around me recognizes that I lost so much hair, but I can literally feel it in my ponytail and see it in pictures, it's also broken off in parts in the back and some areas are much shorter than before... so I didn't really notice this in the beginning because I guess it must've just fallen to the floor.... I was so shocked and desperate about so many full hair falling out from the roots... but I do think there's a big amount of breakage which I as well NEVER had before. Like even now when I wash my brush my hair above the sink I see some breakage even though my hairloss from the roots stopped... but honestly EVERY hair that I see terrifies me it could start back up again. Olaplex def triggered something for me. And oddly enough I used it years ago and NEVER had an issue with it, it actually worked wonderfully for me and this is why I was so shocked that I got hairloss, but I read a comment about it somewhere.... and then during my first wash thought I was paranoid but it started that day washing out the olaplex in the shower.... 


I read on the olaplex Facebook group that there's a theory that it actually is a problem most people with thin hair have.... cause a lot of people there mention it as well!!! It might be true... I wanted to do an excel sheet (maybe even anonymous) about all the different issues and factors, shampoos, medication etc.... but I don't know if people were really excited about that and wanted to do it. So I haven't done it at least not yet. 



I feel so bad for everyone! What an awful thing to deal with on top of everything else that's going on in the world. I wish for your hair to be normal asap!





Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

It’s been 10 weeks since I used Olaplex. I thought at about week 6 I was reaching a turning point and the shedding was decreasing. NOPE. I’m pretty much back to where I originally started 10 weeks ago with the breakage and shedding. I also have severe dry scalp and dandruff now. Has this happened to anyone else??? 

I’ve done the ACV rinses, started taking supplements and changed my shampoo a few times. I just feel like there is no end…

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I also have dandruff after my olaplex disaster. Ive never had dandruff or an oily scalp. 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I have the exact same thing happening to my scalp. I am experiencing dandruff all over my hair, however, I have never had dandruff before using Olaplex. The only time I experienced it, was directly after using Olaplex.


I believe our scalp PH has been changed by Olaplex, although I’m not sure what will bring our normal PH back.


I have tried clarifying shampoo for 2 weeks, no improvement.

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

keep using the clarifying shampoo every 5 days and in between keep moisture on it. I love the  Fekkai Shea butter line. The mask is amazing.  My loss stopped after about 4 -5 weeks of clarifying.  

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

Ahhh yes! I don’t know what’s worse, the hair loss or having a constant dry, itchy,  flaky scalp. I thought it could be a chemical reaction from the Olaplex on our scalp, but I never thought about it altering our scalps PH too.

I have legit no idea what to do either!! 

I think my next step is to look into certain oils to put directly on my scalp. I’m desperate to get some type of moisture back. I’ll keep you updated if I find something worth trying! 

Re: Olaplex 3 and hair loss?

I feel the exact same way I used it ONCE 7 weeks ago and my hair has not been the same. I have over 700 hairs that come out after I shower and I can pull MULTIPLE strands from one section anytime I run my hands through. It's awful I can't believe I used it once and it has ruined my hair for what feels like forever. Idk what to do anymore or if I should cut it or just let it go through it's phase but I've used jojoba oil and tea tree oil along with a leave in conditioner and supplements. It's insane it feels like it never ends 😞

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